Washington Commanders Get Torched for Unveiling ‘Statue’ of Sean Taylor That’s Actually Just a Mannequin
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Earlier this month, the Washington Commanders made an exciting announcement. The NFL team was preparing to unveil a “permanent memorial” dedicated to the late legend Sean Taylor on the 15th anniversary of his death.

“Sean’s life was tragically cut short but his impact continues to reverberate through our Burgundy & Gold family,” Commanders’ co-owners said via a team press release. “This Sunday (November 27), on the 15th anniversary of his passing, we honor one of our greats and his legacy by unveiling a permanent installation, so his memory is always with us when we take the field on game day.”

The days passed and fans’ excitement grew but when Sunday finally arrived, the elation of Washington Commanders fans across the country turned to outrage. Rather than a true statue, the Sean Taylor memorial is simply a mannequin wearing his jersey.

Washington Commanders Fans Slam Mannequin Memorial

The memorial was unveiled just minutes ago, but the internet is already flooded with comments criticizing what was promised to be a fitting tribute to a team hero. “This is one of the greatest safeties to ever lace it up and Dan Snyder gave him a Hard Rock Hotel display instead of a marble statue wow,” one fan wrote.

“Doing the school project the night before,” another joked. “They borrowed a mannequin from Macy’s and threw a uniform on it. This effort is below half-assing,” added a third.

Many noticed that the Commanders attire the mannequin is wearing doesn’t even match the uniform worn by Sean Taylor. “Truly classy. The Nike jersey, Reebok pants, and Adidas cleats duct taped to a piece of wire really honors his legacy. Get this trash franchise out of here,” one fan fumed.

Some remarked that, technically, the Washington Commanders never promised a “statue,” they deliberately used the term “memorial” instead. For many fans, however, the wording of the announcement is irrelevant. “I just looked at the announcement – just said a Sean Taylor memorial installation, not a statue. Still could’ve been a LITTLE more than just a mannequin,” one fan noted.

NFL Legend Sean Taylor’s Remarkable Legacy

In 2004, Sean Taylor was drafted fifth overall by the Washington Commanders as a hard-hitting safety out of Miami. The team had high hopes for their new defensive player but Taylor exceeded even their lofty expectations, quickly becoming the centerpiece of the secondary.

In his nearly four seasons in D.C., Taylor scored 12 interceptions, racked up over 300 tackles, and forced eight fumbles. Though his time with the NFL was short, the legendary safety was named to the Pro Bowl in two of his three complete seasons and was a second-team All-Pro in 2007.

That same year, tragedy struck both the Washington Commanders and the Taylor family. Sean Taylor was the victim of a home invasion. During, the ordeal his attempts to fight off the invader resulted in his death. Following the unspeakable loss, Washington retired his No. 21 and added his name to both the team’s Ring of Fame and 90 Greatest Players List.

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Jeremy Smart

In their defense they said they were going to set up a permanent memorial... not a statue... a memorial. As tacky as this may be they did exactly what they said they were going to do.


Some of these writers are messy!!! Not sure of their overall agenda, but it’s pretty obvious that some of these ppl thrive on creating controversy. They’re definitely the behind-the -scenes face of the whole “cancel future”. Sad to say but there’s a group of ppl dividing and conquering this country daily without even firing a shot. I understand freedom of speech America, but still always remember the “The Pen is Mightier than the Sword”...

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