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Good !! So.... glad he was caught. I know what it's like to have your privacy grossly invaded. A few years back, we went on vacation & even had someone watching our house. Well, our house ended up getting robbed anyway. Our house watchers aren't available 24/ the Robber's were able to gain entry through the backyard. What made it, it was a neighbor. We couldn't prove they robbed us to the police, EVEN though they left a trail of stuff they had dropped, leading up to the brick wall that they had jumped. l cannot imagine someone invading your home...while occupied. When that happens, your home will not - quite, feel the same. That sense of security & privacy, will take awhile, before you feel it again. People need to be more aware of their surroundings and get security cameras. I have cameras at EVERY angle of my house. I also have two German Shepherds in the background. AND, if someone trys to enter my house uninvited, they will not live to see another day.


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