Dodgers: Radio Personality Believes LA Will Not Acquire a Big Name This Off-Season

Inside The Dodgers
Inside The Dodgers

AM570 hosts doesn’t think the Dodgers should sign a big name

The Dodgers are in on almost every big-name free agent this off-season. Names like Carlos Correa, Jacob deGrom, Aaron Judge, and Justin Verlander, to name a few.

This year's free agent class has plenty of what the Dodgers need to capture another World Series title, so people would assume they'll do everything in their power to sign one or more of these guys.

Los Angeles came off an underwhelming season, and timely batting and lack of arms were a big reason for their early playoff exit.

However, AM570 radio personality, Rodney Peete, believes that the Dodgers don't need to make a big signing this off-season.

"When Stan Kasten comes out at talks to Bill Plaskey of the LA Times and basically says "You know maybe it's time for us to start looking at some of our younger players" If you read between the lines what they're in essence saying is that "we have a lot of money to spend and we've spent a lot of money but if we keep spending like this, we are going to be over the competitive balance, we're going to be over the tax. And if we do, we're paying 50 cents at a dollar, we need to reset the tax." He didn't come out and say that but if you read between the lines it kind of seems like that's what he's saying."

"And what I'm saying is that because the Dodgers are in the conversation every year, they have built a franchise for sustained success. So they won a 111 games and didn't win in the playoff. That doesn't mean they can't win 92 games and win in the playoffs, you don't have to be in on everyone at every moment and sometimes no matter how much money you have, you have to construct a business properly."

"I would not be surprised to see James Outman up there or Vargas up there or young pitchers. There will be growing pains and on the other end, if these guys don't work out you pull the trigger on a deal. That doesn't mean they won't sign some smaller name, affordable free-agents."

Everyone knows the Dodgers have the money to spend on these players, but is it worth it?

LA has the second-best farm system in the league, and more times than not, they will grow to be either good players or future all-stars.

Guys like Diego Cartaya, Bobby Miller, and Gavin Stone are set to lead the charge later in the decade. Even on the current 40-man roster, many of the Dodgers' key contributors are under 30 years old.

LA is set for at least the next five years with their talent in the major and minor leagues.

On the other hand, why waste this current group's championship window by bringing in young guys who may not be ready?

The guys in this year's market are "win now" guys; they'll make LA better in the regular season and playoffs.

Los Angeles is a city of stars, and you must bring in those stars to stay relevant.

Either of those routes is fine for LA, but the best route is signing a proven star in this league.

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