Shaq Makes His Kids Submit Resumes And Business Plans Because He Believes In Nepotism Done The Right Way


Shaq has given his two cents on the whole " nepotism baby " debate.
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In an interview with People, Shaq shared , "I don't give a shit what you are, because if it's done the right way, I believe in nepotism."
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Shaq has six kids and hopes they all get an education to continue "running what I started" and "contribute to the generational wealth" he's generated.
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But he said they still have to prove themselves if they want his help in starting their own businesses.
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"When it comes time that you want to do something, we're going to do it like you have to do it in the real world. If I like it, I'll do it. I'll point you in the direction of somebody to get it done and you're on your way."
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They even have to provide a "resume," "a business plan," and "numbers" to back up their proposals.
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But even though he himself had difficulty helping his son write his resume because he " never had a real job ," he said he wants to lead by example.
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"I'm caring, I'm funny. I'm honest — and I teach by example. I can tell my kids to go get an education, but I'm the example."
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Read more from his People interview here .

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