Gwen Stefani Shares Adorable Snap Celebrating Thanksgiving With Blake Shelton
(Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC via Getty Images)

While celebrating Thanksgiving, Gwen Stefani took to her Instagram account to share a sweet photo of her and Blake Shelton with an adorable caption.

“Who am I thankful for this year? Def this 1,” Gwen Stefani declared in the post’s caption, which features a snapshot of Stefani next to the country music superstar. Carson Daly responded to the post by asking, “Why? (Love you).”

Meanwhile, Gwen Stefani shared her excitement for Shelton’s upcoming Hallmark Christmas movie, which is set to premiere on Saturday (November 26th). Shelton promoted the film by tweeting, “I can’t believe this is the 5th [Hallmark] movie I’ve gotten to executive produce. Grab the fam and tune in!”

Stefani retweeted the post and wrote, “Congratulations BlakeShelton [can’t] wait to watch [with you].”

The film, Time For Him to Come Home For Christmas, is the fifth installment of the series based on Blake Shelton’s Time For Me to Come Home.

Gwen Stefani Called Blake Shelton Her ‘Favorite Award Ever’

In October, Gwen Stefani spoke to PEOPLE at the 2022 NYWICI Matrix Awards about Blake Shelton and the relationship they have. Shelton presented her with an award during the show. He also declared he was very excited and proud of his wife.

“Obviously, my favorite award ever, Blake Shelton, for marrying me,” Stefani declared. “Wow, this is surreal – weird Blake talking about me like that. Thank you so much, you’re such a babe, and you’re so awesome.”

Along with gushing about Shelton, Stefani opened up about her younger years before her music career. “I cannot believe that I’m being recognized tonight alongside all these incredible honorees. When I think about it, I say to myself, ‘Why me?’ I mean, honestly, how did this happen to me? How did I get this blessed? I didn’t have big dreams – they were little teeny-tiny dreams — and I was very naïve.”

Stefani then spoke about her struggles with dyslexia and the impact it has on her life and career. “Being dyslexic definitely has had challenges for me in my life and I will say the dyslexic advantage has probably made me who I am. The moment I wrote my first song — I had no idea that I could do that. It just happened — it unlocked something inside me.”

Meanwhile, Shelton praised Stefani for her music career as well as her personal life. “I am humbled and excited to speak about my wonderful wife and duet partner today, as she is honored for putting women at the forefront and championing women consistently throughout her prolific career.”

He went on to add, “Gwen is not just a wonderful mother, singer and entrepreneur – she is an icon.”

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She looked better here then I think anytime she has been on the show . Then Tuesday had to trash it up a little. She looks beautiful being classy.

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When are these 2 leaving the voice? I can’t even watch it. They make the show about them. Ugh


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