South Carolina Residents Shaken Up as Earthquake Hits the Area
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South Carolina residents were shaken up this week when a Thanksgiving earthquake hit the Elgin area. According to reports, the earthquake hit the area late morning at around 11:20 EST. It was a minor shake-up, reports say, but enough to startle residents as they were preparing their holiday feasts. Thankfully, no damages have been reported.

A Similar Earthquake Hit Near The Same South Carolina Area Just Last Month

Authorities note that it has been nearly a month of quiet activity just before the Thanksgiving day earthquake hit the Elgin area in South Carolina. A United States Geological Survey notes that another, slightly larger quake was reported in the Midlands area near Elgin in late October. This one, the officials’ note, hit on the eve of Halloween.

This most recent earthquake measured at a magnitude of 2.02 was located five miles south of the Elgin area. This location sits about 20 miles east of Columbia. The October earthquake event was measured with a bit more intensity. This quake is recorded to be a 2.5-magnitude event.

This South Carolina Area Is Located Along A Fault Line, Leading To These Events

According to the South Carolina Geological Survey experts, it is somewhat typical for the area to see about six to ten earthquakes such as these last two each year. Primarily the Elgin South Carolina area which is located along a faultline.

However, according to the official records, this year has brought an unusual amount of quake activity. There have been more than 100 reported earthquakes in South Carolina since January 18, 2021. Additionally, experts with the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources note, this is likely the longest series of quakes in the state’s history. There have been over 40 of these quakes in the Elgin area since the end of June, experts are confirming.

Experts Are Working To Predict Potential DevastatingM Quakes In The Colorado Area

The Colorado area faces dozens of earthquakes each year however, experts now warn that a devastating quake may be on its way. According to a CBS News report, Colorado’s biggest earthquake registered at 6.6. And, another massive earthquake of this magnitude could cost the state billions in repairs. So, scientists are now working to try and pinpoint when the next major quake may hit the area.

Matt Morgan, the Director of the Colorado Geological Survey, notes that experts have compiled research and other information in an attempt to map it out.

“Every year we’ve had earthquakes,” Morgan says. “We had about 50 so far this year.”

This research, Morgan adds, “helps us understand the risks we face here in Colorado.” An effort that will help the experts “learn from the past to bring that into the future,” Morgan explains.

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The Earth is alive, What do you expect, There has always been earthquakes and there always will be earthquakes, Something you have to live with.😁


Matthew 4:17 From that time Jesus began to preach,and to say,Repent:for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.

Blue Ridge

South Carolina IS on a major fault.


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