'The Bodyguard' at 30: Kevin Costner says there were warnings against casting Whitney Houston because she was Black

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Ana Monroe

This is a known fact. Kevin Costner would not do the movie without Whitney Houston in it. She was so nervous and would always pray. He said one time on set under the lights he could see tear streaks down her face through her make-up. He told her to collect herself and whenever she was ready they would be waiting. Their chemistry was so real and tangible on set. I don't know if they did anything off set but I know he loved her. When he read a eulogy at her funeral that was real. That movie today is still my favorite movie of all time. No one can sing like Whitney. She was so beautiful and it's tragic how she left us. Kevin Costner is sexy AF too! LoL 🤣 Just saying. I still have that movie the bodyguard on VHS and DVD!!🤦🏻🤭

Squeakie Peach

if anybody watched Whitney Houston's funeral they would have heard him mention this they didn't want Whitney to play that part Kevin Costner made them have her play that part


It made sense to cast Whitney, because she was actually a real ,Super Star Entertainer, in her prime just like the character she played. Whitney technically was playing herself.


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