Colts Owner Jim Irsay Opens Up About Frank Reich Firing, Decision to Hire Jeff Saturday
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When Jim Irsay decided to hire Jeff Saturday to be the next head coach of the Indianapolis Colts, many scratched their heads. A lot of other NFL fans made jokes about tanking. But a few, a few saw potential there.

Irsay might not be fully vindicated yet, but after beating the Raiders and almost stealing a game from one of the league’s best in the Eagles, he hasn’t been proven wrong. So, at this point, where do you go? The team is 4-6-1 and seems to have a little more inspiration these days.

Through these first two games as the man in charge, Jeff Saturday has responded impressively. When talking about the decision to get rid of Frank Reich and hire Saturday, the Colts owner doesn’t feel any regret.

“It’s not personal. It’s the very opposite from being personal,” Irsay said, via Fox News.

“Frank is a treasured friend of my family and all my daughters,” he continued. “We go back a long, long way. I’m very, very close to Frank, and I’ve known Frank for many decades. He’s like family.”

As for hiring Jeff Saturday, it’s looking like he had all the right reasons to go forward with that decision. If the Colts are able to win another game or two – who knows what could happen?

Irsay Explains ‘Unusual’ Jeff Saturday Situation

It isn’t often that a coach with only a few years of high school experience gets the go-ahead to lead an NFL franchise. However, Jeff Saturday isn’t just any regular dude. He’s been in the locker room with some of the best to ever play the game of football. He knows what it takes to reach the top of the sport.

That’s why Irsay hired him.

“You have to understand that Jeff’s a very unusual person that was in a very unusual position to have the type of qualities that would make him able to make a transition like this,” the owner said. “Most of the time, it is gonna be pretty hard. Could I make a hire like this again? Probably not. I mean, if I was lucky enough to live enough to do this for 74 years, it’s probably once in 75 years. I mean, it was a rare thing because the circumstances presented themselves that way.”

That unusual coach will try to win another game on Sunday. This time, against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

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