Gisele Bündchen Shows Support for Tom Brady, Stepson Jack Following Divorce
(Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

It appears that there is no bad blood between Gisele Bündchen and Tom Brady following their divorce, at least if Instagram is any indicator. Gisele replied with a short and sweet emoji to a recent post showing Brady and his son Jack, from his first marriage with Bridget Moynahan.

Earlier this Thanksgiving week, Tom Brady posted a photo of Jack throwing a ball around at a Tampa Bay Bucs practice. The 15-year-old looks tall and lanky, ready to develop into an athlete perhaps. He does play quarterback, just like his dad.

Brady captioned the Instagram post with a couple of heart emojis on either side of two words, “My Inspiration.” Not only did the internet respond, thinking that young Jack looks much like his father, but Gisele was there in the replies as well.

According to Page Six, the supermodel-businesswoman replied with a simple heart emoji. A nice and subtle way to show her support while avoiding any kind of misinterpretation of her comment. There has been an absolute whirlwind storm around this whole ordeal. Anything either one of them says could be misconstrued.

Since the divorce was finalized, Gisele has been spotted hanging out with Joaquim Valente and associates. Valente is a jiu-jitsu instructor. She has reportedly moved into her new home already and is now neighbors with her ex-husband, Tom Brady.

Gisele Moves In Next Door to Tom Brady

Gisele is now all moved into her Miami home. Right across a creek from Tom Brady, it seems like they want to keep the family close together. The Miami Beach house is worth $11.5 million, and Gisele has had movers in and out of the home already unloading appliances and more.

Since the divorce, Brady has come out and said that he is focused on just being the best dad that he can be. He’s still got an NFL season to play and worry about. The Tampa Bay Bucs are on the verge of making this into a season worth caring about.

Tom Brady and Gisele are onto a new era in their lives. I think the folks with the multiple multi-million dollar homes will be just alright.

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I really believe he went back to playing football because he found out about her affair. But that’s just me.


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