Mexico Issues Arrest Warrant For Friend Of 25-Year-Old Woman Found Dead On Vacation

 2022-11-27 Shanquella Robinson in a photo from her Instagram account.

Mexican prosecutors have issued an arrest warrant for a female friend of the 25-year-old U.S. woman who was found dead in the country last month. They are also working on getting the friend extradited to Mexico to face charges, The Associated Press reported .

Shanquella Robinson, of Charlotte, North Carolina, traveled to San José del Cabo, Mexico, with six friends on Oct. 28 and died in a villa the group rented there a day later, on Oct. 29.

Mexican prosecutors issued a statement Thursday saying Robinson’s death came as a result of a “direct attack, not from an accident,” and that one of her female friends was connected to her death, according to CNN . They did not identify the alleged aggressor, but added she is an American citizen who is currently believed to be in the U.S.

Daniel de la Rosa, the attorney general for Mexico’s Baja California Sur, told local reporters they are seeking an extradition order for the woman connected to Robinson’s death.

De la Rosa said the death didn’t come as a result of a fight but came about because of direct aggression from the friend who allegedly carried out the attack.

De la Rosa confirmed both the victim and the friend are U.S. citizens.

The group Robinson was traveling with all left Mexico following her death, according to The Associated Press .

The new details contradict how Robinson’s friends originally characterized the death to the woman’s family.

“They said she wasn’t feeling well. She had alcohol poisoning,” Robinson’s mother, Salamondra Robinson, told Queen City News in Charlotte. “They couldn’t get a pulse. Each one of the people that was there with her was telling different stories.”

Her friends’ account is also challenged by the death certificate, which said Robinson suffered severe spinal cord injury and neck trauma, and died within 15 minutes of the injury.

Graphic cellphone video circulating on social media purportedly shows Robinson being violently attacked by another member of the group.

Robinson’s father, Bernard Robinson, confirmed to CNN the person being attacked in the video is his daughter.

The FBI field office in Charlotte has also launched an investigation into Robinson’s death.

CORRECTION: An earlier version of this article said Robinson was from South Carolina. She was from Charlotte, North Carolina.

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Natchez Miss

I’ll say this much. My daughters go on vacation and don’t return and those the went with does….I’m starting with their parents and won’t stop until I get their children. Every last one of them gotta go.


All six of them belong in a Mexican Prison. For life. That video was just horrible. They lured her to Cabo to beat her. Evil people don’t belong on this Earth.


Those were not her friends. They may have said they were but they all saying the same thing and they all should be locked up for her death.


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