Opinion: CT Republicans tried to prevent heating crisis. 'Many of our residents will be left shivering in the dark'
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Trail Meister

I think Democrats will have a different view of who they voted for after this winter! Biden, and all of his policies at failed. He is a loser with no plan obviously


Ironic CT RINO Republicans worried about heat this winter, when they left us out in the cold with their silence as Dems ran all over our Constitutional Rights during COVID. The governor cancelled religious freedom by closing churches,& leaving Walmart open. And not a single Republican politician in this state said boo. Not to mention every Repub was silent when the last Dem clown governor cut off coal & nuke power with no gas infrastructure in place. Where was their concern for energy then? Then they ran a "Republican" for governor who supports abortion & gun control. Stephanowsky had more in common with his opponent than he did with half this state's taxpayers. The Republican party left CT decades ago, & left chicken's in its place.

joe francis

a tax break on diesel won't help heating oil prices.they aren't taxed like fuel for vehicles. just paid $539 for 100gal. over double what it was last yr. won't even last a month


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