How did we end up in a world where Trump wanders about doing whatever he wants and nobody is shocked?

The Guardian
The Guardian

Remember how horrified we all were when Trump became president and now it’s like noooo go away

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He should be able to wander where he wants. You have to be convicted of a crime to be incarcerated. Everyone on the left and in power has attacked him for the last six years. The reality is he can’t be guilty of much if you can’t make anything stick in that amount of time, and with that monumental effort.

David Skillestad

I noticed you didn't say anything negative about Hunter's illegal activities, or his daddy being involved in any of those activities. If you're going to be fair, then you must be un-biased. "Big guy" is as corrupt as you are making the "bad man" out to be. I'm pretty sure you could count the number of honest politicians in Washington DC on your fingers and toes. Our government is so corrupt that it isn't even funny.. If Americans knew what these €v!£ swamp creatures are doing to OUR COUNTRY they would be very afraid. All, and I mean ALL politicians take an oath of office when they get their jobs, if they don't follow that oath they should be removed from office and made to be accountable for their actions. Remember, THEY WORK FOR US, NOT the other way around.... God Bless America and help us get through this mess. 🙏

Diana Huse

probably for the same reason Clinton's and obumas weren't never investigated and charged. Why is Trump any different? Because he is a Republican?


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