Kansas City painter captures moment Country Club Plaza lights turn on

KSHB 41 Action News
KSHB 41 Action News

There's a lot of beauty at the Country Club Plaza in Kansas City, Missouri, and on Thursday night for the Evergy Plaza Lighting Ceremony — a lot of excitement.

A local artist, Tammie Dickerson, was able to capture both.

"Well I'm kind of soaking in the scene," Dickerson said. "I'm a pioneer artist by trade which means I land in a spot and I paint what's in front of me."

Dickerson is a painter, she chose a spot at the Plaza specifically for the architecture, and proximity to the lighting festivities.

"(I'm) Here listening to the music, kind of, kind of dancing as you draw, and so I'm truing to capture that excitement," she said.

Dickerson was brought in by the Country Club Plaza to capture the historic night.

"It's super fun, it's like I'm at a party and I get to paint," she said.

​Dickerson will finish up the two paintings and frame them over the next week.

From there, they'll go to the Country Club Plaza.

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