Younger Generations Are Calling Out The Most "Toxic" Things Older Generations Do, And It's Absolutely Brutal


Younger generations have been very vocal when it comes to critiquing older generations . Sometimes, it's just a lighthearted roast — and other times, it's a serious conversation that can get pretty heated. So, here are just 17 times people called out baby boomers and Gen X'ers for being "toxic":

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1. According to the internet, boomers think you HAVE to struggle to get things done:

One of the most toxic boomer mindsets we have to change is that more struggle = more growth.An unnecessary workload only burns people out and does the opposite.

@russelmatthew_ 06:51 AM - 24 Jun 2020

2. And Gen X'ers think "no one wants to work" anymore:

It’s not that “no one wants to work” it’s that millennials and zoomers refuse to be both underpaid AND work in a toxic environment. Gen x can’t grasp this because they let themselves be walked over for the last 30+ years as a worker

@TemperanceAlden 06:19 PM - 19 Oct 2021

3. Boomers treat their kids like therapists:

It's Hey Baby Boomer Parents Stop Using Your Adult Children As Therapists Season 😎

@ellle_em 08:30 PM - 29 Apr 2021

4. Gen X'ers just overshare everything on Facebook:

this confirms my blooming theory that facebook is the gen x diary

@ayyriestrology 09:43 PM - 12 Jan 2021

5. Boomers love giving helpful advice:

boomers giving advice when they hear you have depression

@dealzjr 10:15 AM - 12 May 2020

6. Gen X'ers (and boomers) love hating their wives for no reason:

I will never understand boomer/gen x "I hate my wife" humor.

@LeftyGeologist 01:46 AM - 27 Nov 2021

7. Boomers enjoy saying "not all boomers" every time their generation gets a critique:

Can baby boomers on Twitter that don’t fit the ‘Boomer’ stereotype please stop saying ‘not all boomers’? We know! We aren’t talking about you, we’re talking about your family members. lol

@pinkladyfoxx 05:43 AM - 11 Feb 2021

8. Gen X'ers enjoy complaining about being left out:

I know Gen X are feeling left out by not getting made fun of by younger generations, so here’s one:Oooo, I’m a Gen Xer I love R.E.M. Out of Time would be a perfect album if it weren’t for “Shiny Happy People.”

@loganbonner 07:48 PM - 16 Jun 2020

9. Boomers think everyone is "entitled":

baby boomers be like "no we didn't create a toxic culture of reckless individuality that destroyed the environment, you're just entitled"

@postcrunk 09:33 PM - 24 Jul 2015

10. Gen X'ers think it's OK to be rude to every server:

Shout out to all my fellow millennials who have to discreetly apologize to waiters for their Gen X parent’s rude/ disrespectful attitude 🤦🏽‍♀️

@biancaisaac_ 07:49 AM - 18 Feb 2018

11. Boomers like telling people to do expensive things ~while you're young~:

Baby boomers: TRAVEL! Do it while you’re YOUNG!! See the world! Cannonball into the Grand Canyon! You're young and wild and free! Sip 2,000 Tuscany wines and launch into space!!Me: *turns pockets inside out**moths fly out and eat my last packet of ramen as I beg them to stop*

@itslittletunny 07:01 PM - 12 Dec 2018

12. Gen X'ers like to believe working all kinds of hours should be a norm:

Boomer boss: Sure I’ll provide a reference. Glad you know it wasn’t personal when I threw that chair. Just how it goes sometimes. Anyway this has been fun stay in touch call me if you need anything everGen X: I have reported your toxic behavior of not working weekends to HR

@neoliberal_dad 04:54 PM - 16 Jan 2021

13. Boomers like pretending that student loans aren't real:

millennial magician: now watch as I pull more student loans out of this hat baby boomer: [throws up] please stop

@PaperWash 03:11 AM - 16 Feb 2019

14. Gen X'ers like pretending they didn't cause more damage to society than baby boomers...

@a_centrism I hate Gen X more than Boomers. Boomers were handed unprecedented wealth and prosperity on a platter and we expected them to do what was right and prudent. They failed. But Gen X took everything their parents hadn’t already wrecked by accident and finished the job with purpose

@Atlanticesque 06:54 PM - 28 Nov 2021

...and, according to the internet, Gen X'ers may be the worst:

soooooo glad we’re all realizing gen x is the worst generation

@shreyabasu003 05:16 PM - 05 Nov 2022

15. Boomers are really into pressuring people to have babies:

dear boomers stop pressuring your kids to have babies. Get a pet or something.

@lolumOKUR 03:39 PM - 12 Jul 2021

16. Gen X'ers are really into hating people:

@LisaMcGov @Logan_sado @k3rdann Gen X: we are into equality, we hate everyone equally.

@hardwurkindaddy 05:13 PM - 27 Nov 2021

17. And finally, boomers love saying kids today are "too soft":

[Baby boomer voice] Kids today are too soft. In MY day we were emotionally abused by our parents and we repressed our trauma so deeply we incorporated that abuse into a toxic system of values that prize a mythological "toughness" at the expense of actually dealing with our pain

@ellle_em 09:50 PM - 24 Jun 2018

WELL, THEN. Do you agree with these? What are some other toxic things boomers and Gen X'ers do? Let us know in the comments below.

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Jennifer Henrie

Boomers did not have it easy and wealth. There were no food banks, Angel trees or clothing stores. We went home washed the clothes So they would be clean. No food you ate crap. Your life is not great either. We each have hard times just different

Jim Pearson

This post is hilarious. The Gen Xers can think whatever they want but, they need to realize that they wouldn’t have squat if it weren’t for the older generation standing up and fighting for their rights and freedoms. Their perceptions of reality are so off base. But, they’re entitled to believe whatever they want. They need to just live their lives and see how it turns out for them. I’m sure if they screw it up, they’ll find someone to blame.


Lazy ZOOMERS complaining about being criticized and FORCED to work! Lol


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