North Carolina gas prices to increase in 2023, state officials say

WSOC Charlotte
WSOC Charlotte

CHARLOTTE — North Carolinians can expect a rise in gas prices this new year, according to the North Carolina Department of Revenue.

Gas prices and alternative fuel tax rates will increase statewide from 38.5 cents to 40.5 cents per gallon in 2023, the NCDOR said. The gas tax rate is calculated by using the gas tax rate of the year before, multiplied by a percentage. The percentage is 100 plus or minus the sum of the change in the state’s population percentage.

Additionally, the inspection tax will stay at 0.0025 cents per gallon.

For further information, contact the Excise Tax Division at 919-707-7500 or toll-free 877-308-9092.

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Kenneth Crotts

Of course. The midterms are over. Now we're at their mercy again!! Gas prices can be regulated by the government although they tell you they can't be. It's not that they cant, they just won't. Their rich buddies will quit giving them money. All utilities can be regulated. It's a fact. Like they did when Ma Bell got too big and they made them break it up. If they'd give them back their leases and open up the pipelines we could be back to where we could sell oil again instead of selling our reserves!! It's all a ploy to get us all poor and then they'll run over the top of us!!


So Biden visits North Carolina and tells Cooper your gas prices are to low we need you to increase it so we can force Ev’s on people

Melodie Yanero Lockhart

the state does not have to add that tax on right with inflation and rising prices you would think that our state government would hink about the citizens of this state instead of their geedy pockets. just remember we are watching you an d election time comes in 2years


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