Stephen King Says MyPillow Will “Pretty Soon” Be Twitter’s “Only Advertiser Left” & Elon Musk Reacts


Stephen King is back at calling out Twitter ’s new direction as Elon Musk took the reins of the company. This time, the bestselling author made an observation over what advertisers the social media platform would have after many companies paused their spending.

“Pretty soon the only advertiser left on Twitter will be My Pillow,” King tweeted .

Musk saw the tweet and replied, “Oh hi lol.”

In a follow-up tweet, Musk said he was “curious” about the quality of MyPillow asking if it is “actually a great pillow.” Not having said enough, Musk then predicted a headline that could’ve been generated following the exchange between the two, tweeting out, “Headline: ‘Stephen King Tweet Causes My Pillow Sales to Skyrocket!’ Lmaooo.”

King didn’t interact with any of Musk’s tweets after his initial message. However, this was not the first time the two have had a riff on the platform. Back in October, King protested Musk’s plans to charge users $20 to get a blue checkmark.

“$20 a month to keep my blue check? F*** that, they should pay me. If that gets instituted, I’m gone like Enron,” King tweeted.

Musk replied with a counter proposal and lowered the subscription price to $8.

“We need to pay the bills somehow! Twitter cannot rely entirely on advertisers. How about $8?” Musk tweeted.

Twitter users can now get a blue checkmark next to their usernames when they subscribe to Twitter Blue for a monthly price of $8. However, when the option was made available many used it to impersonate other companies and it became out of control. The feature has been paused and Musk recently revealed that it had been delayed even further.

“Holding off relaunch of Blue Verified until there is high confidence of stopping impersonation,” he said . “Will probably use different color check for organizations than individuals.”

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Michael Mcpherson

As a CEO I understand the idiocy and gang warfare of the left. The reality though is their commitment rarely impacts anything. It's almost funny a group exemplifieing "anti facism" is so against free speech. But again idiots do what they do not what they say or believe.


Doesn’t King make money selling his books? It’s ridiculous that he keeps making these snide comments to Musk. Musk bought Twitter, he is implementing new rules, getting rid of dead weight employees and charging a nominal fee for a blue check mark. Stop harassing the guy. I love your books, waiting for the price of Fairy Tale to come down on Amazon. Leave Eli alone, you do your job and let him do his.

Tex~Mex GenX'r

We teach our kids not to be bullies only to have liberals essentially bullying people for not accepting their views.


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