19 Brutally Hilarious Coworkers Who Make The Workplace A WAY Funnier Place To Spend An 8-Hour Day


1. This coworker, who labeled the office bathroom door lock in a brutally hilarious way:
u/tink053184 / Via

2. This coworker, who said there was a "walk-in" fridge in the break room:
u/Pwnspoon / Via

3. This coworker, who saw a moved tile in the ceiling, so they added this:
u/blahblahblah1992 / Via

4. This coworker, who labeled the hand sanitizer in a hilariously helpful way:
u/0nceinalifetime / Via

5. This coworker, who brought their office mates fresh, homegrown veggies, and left them on their desks like this:
u/123steveyc123 / Via

6. This coworker, who poked fun at their coworker regularly spilling cereal by making an exhibit out of it:
u/unthused / Via
u/unthused / Via

7. These coworkers, who put a hysterically ironic sign in the bathroom:
u/orange-penguin47 / Via

8. This coworker, who pranked their coworkers in a hilariously cruel way:
u/ThatOneTrollFri3nd / Via

9. This coworker, who got hilariously petty with his Halloween costume:
u/Sciencebitchs / Via

10. These coworkers, who got revenge on a prankster coworker by covering every thing in his office with foil — like, everything :
u/Practical-Try9582 / Via

11. This coworker, who clearly has a dog at home who likes drinking from the toilet:
u/PhantomOTOpera / Via

12. This coworker, whose wife labeled his lunch with their private nickname, and left their coworkers hilariously grossed out when he put it in the work fridge:
u/CCbaxter90 / Via

13. This coworker, who put this inspirational message to themselves above their computer screen:
u/Master_Yeeta / Via
u/Master_Yeeta / Via
u/Master_Yeeta / Via

14. This coworker, who rearranged their coworker's Rubix cubes, and left a hilarious message for them to find:
u/HatefulkeelJr / Via

15. This American coworker, who gave this to their Australian coworker:
Reddit User / Via

16. This coworker, who — after getting hit by a forklift a few times — came to work with extra protection:
yu/ColdSemen / Via

17. This coworker, who knows their office mate doesn't like bananas or puns, so they got them a gift which doubled up on both:
u/xIR0NPULSE / Via

18. This coworker, a bartender, whose coworkers could tell she was hitting the sauce by her declining handwriting on the bottle usage form:
u/imanpearl / Via

19. And these coworkers, whose farewell cake message got straight to the point:
u/lesmax / Via
u/lesmax10 / Via

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