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Cathy Menke
11d ago

measles is not to be messed with. my son caught it at 10 months old and he lost some hearing in both ears and was deathly ill for almost 2 weeks. with all the unvetted and unvaccinated illegals being flown all over you don't know what you're being exposed to.

Anthony Solomita
11d ago

should be long gone but we continue to let unvaccinated people into this country. measles vaccine is required to go to school so it should be required to enter this country. let's let 1000s of unvetted immigrants in the country illegally. what could possibly go wrong?

Old Soldier
11d ago

Suspect data. Suspect agenda. Neither the WHO nor CDC Want to give up the power they created under COVID do it is IMPERATIVE that they create a never ending sequence of crises to keep the sheep compliant.


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