Las Vegas mother sues CCSD after child was attacked on school bus

KTNV 13 Action News
KTNV 13 Action News

A Las Vegas mother is suing the Clark County School District after she says her 11-year-old child was attacked by another student while boarding a school bus last year.

The lawsuit filed by the mother, Jasmen Jackson, alleges that a student at Clifford J. Lawrence Junior High School was “sexually harassing, sexually assaulting, physically and emotionally abusing” her son in August 2021.

On Aug. 25, 2021, Jackson’s child – identified in the lawsuit as A.J. – was allegedly threatened by another child – identified in the lawsuit as I.T. – on school grounds while students were loading onto buses.

According to the lawsuit, I.T. threatened A.J. with both sexual and physical assault before they wrapped their hands around A.J.’s neck from behind, choking them and grabbing their buttocks. I.T. then reportedly followed A.J. onto the school bus, knocked A.J. out and began to “pummel” them in the face, causing “great bodily harm that required surgery to correct.”

After the incident, I.T. was allowed to continue to shout threats at A.J. and his mother while A.J. was being transported to the hospital, even allegedly assaulting Jackson in the parking lot.

The lawsuit claims that the attack on the school bus was being done “all with the knowledge of the defendants,” who are identified as CCSD Superintendent Jesus Jara, Assistant Superintendent John Anzalone and Lawrence Junior High Principal Allen Tee.

Jackson says district administrators and school employees failed to intervene in the attack because of a lack of proper training, or “callous indifference,” according to the lawsuit. During the attack, employees allegedly “failed to call the police as required by school policy, failed to notify A.J.’s parental guardian and failed to render any medical aid, leaving A.J. alone in an empty nurse’s office until A.J. called his mother for help on his own.”

Allen Tee, the school’s principal, also allegedly declined to provide a safety plan for A.J., according to the lawsuit, telling Jackson that her child would have to deal with I.T. “on their own.” Jackson also reportedly made multiple requests to transfer her child to a different school, which were all denied.

I.T., the student that attack Jackson's son, was later charged with a felony citation for battery with substantial bodily harm and put on probation, according to Juvenile Court records. However, Jackson’s lawyers say that probation will do “nothing to address the years of suffering and the life-long road to healing" that A.J. must now endure.

Jackson is seeking damages in an amount sufficient to “punish and deter” similar behavior and “motivate” a change in CCSD’s behavior and policies.

A spokesperson for Clark County School District told KTNV in a statement on Wednesday that they do not comment on pending litigation.

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Kim Ayo

ccsd don't do nothing. my daughter was jumped coming home and when she got home. our entire family rode up on them. whooped them and they left my baby girl alone after that. and we got a reputation at the school.


The school did nothing when my high schooler was jumped and put in the hospital a few years back. No consequences means more violence.


Why did all the school affiliated adults who allegedly knew about the abuse at school, on the school bus, etc, ignore the situation? If this is proven to be true, think all parents should worry about their kids attending school anywhere in Clark County.


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