Dumpster Divers Are Sharing The Most Shocking And Expensive Things They've Found, And It Truly Amazes Me What People Will Throw Away


It seems like there's been a whole of dumpster diving TikToks making their way onto my FYP lately. As someone who hates paying full price for something AND hates waste, I'm fascinated by their finds.

In honor of this trend making its way to the spotlight (yet again), here are some of the most impressive treasures that people have shared on the Dumpster Diving subreddit :

1. "I have never felt so happy from a dumpster find 😳."


u/WickedMorbidTomatoe / Via

2. "$700 worth of free wine. I asked the dumpster gods if I should quit drinking. This was their answer."


u/sdace7 / Via

3. "Well, I guess this is my magnum opus of dumpster diving..."


u/buster1324 / Via

4. "Someone didn’t feel like cleaning their $800 espresso machine. I found it sitting on top of a garbage can out diving last night."


u/PatSabre12 / Via

5. "Found this in the dumpster and thought, 'What the hell, let me check the balance.' Turns out there is money on it!!"


u/philipmj24 / Via

6. "In an open dumpster behind my Target…"


u/otho03 / Via

7. "Found these two La Creuset’s left at the dumpster by my work today."


u/BigPoppaJay / Via

8. "I took the back way home this evening and stumbled upon this beauty. The boyfriend has been shopping around for a gaming chair, too!"


u/alyssadujour / Via

9. "My local video game store dumpster can be pretty nice…"


u/Faust2001 / Via

10. "Someone’s old marble collection got put in the trash and rescued by me."



11. "$300 headphones still in shrink wrap. Who does this?"


u/fritzfox / Via

12. "I’m excited about this find. I’m an elementary teacher, and next year, I’ll have all my kiddos write cards to their family/staff! They were sealed in a trash bag untouched on top!"


u/adgb6 / Via

13. "This is a first...$450 bouquet of roses."


u/Ello2011 / Via

14. "I thought someone was throwing away an old violin. Nope, it's roulette!"


u/Cult7Choir / Via

And finally...

15. "I found 16,000 scratch off tickets from the local convenience store dumpster, where you could win snacks and stuff. Some jackpots evidently!"


u/maxronnelandd / Via

Now, it's your turn! Have you ever dumpster dived? What's the most unexpected, expensive, or wildest thing you've found? Comment below!

Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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Sarah Elizabeth Cofer

I've gotten a $700 Roomba vacuum cleaner, a 55in flat screen tv, a 32 in flat screen, a $300 soccer goal, a diamond and sapphire gold bracelet, silver caviar dishes, a $200 mirror jewelry box, 2 coach purses, $200 hello kitty Vans still in the box, $300 Jordans, $200 RV wheel locks, a brand new Haier mini fridge with separate freezer, a $3000 solid wooden bunk bed set with built in desk and stairs, a brand new $2000 couch & loveseat, a push mower, weed eaters, gold necklaces, a 1910 Coca Cola bottle, Barbie's first wedding dress, 1960s Barbie friends clothes, a metal detector,


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