I Cope Through Humor, So Here's 24 Jokes About How Hard Being An Adult Is Right Now


If we're being honest, adulthood kind of sucks right now. Rent is astronomical, we have to sacrifice visiting friends because gas is too high, buying a home feels impossible, inflation has our grocery bills rising while shrinkflation has our pantries dwindling — it's all a bit overwhelming.

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So instead of crying, let's all cope together with jokes and a few wayyyy too relatable tweets that encompass exactly how we're all feeling:

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I hate when kids scream in public... you don’t have real problems. It should be me screaming. MEE

@mickeywon234 04:57 PM - 19 Oct 2022


Being an adult is crazy because it don’t ever stop 😂 like you handle one thing and then you right to something else

@AhmadDavisPR 12:00 AM - 18 Aug 2022


having a job is cool but everyday???

@hashjenni 06:06 AM - 06 Oct 2022


One day, without warning, you wake up and everything is too sweet, too loud, and starts to late.

@onlychyld 12:51 PM - 23 Oct 2022


Apologies for the late reply to your email. If it's any consolation, the haunting guilt of not responding has weighed heavily on my overburdened conscience alongside the constant shame of failing to complete countless other tasks every day.Yours screaming into the void,Frank

@FrankAshwood 12:13 PM - 30 Sep 2022


2 hours of cooking just to eat in 10 minutes and now I've gotta wash everything

@stfuayen 09:12 PM - 16 Oct 2022


Adults over 30 after going to the the grocery store and Target all in the same day:

@auhvahntay 11:46 PM - 26 Sep 2022


“Yeah I’ve been good just working, staying focused, saving money”

@Bbrxtneyy24 09:48 PM - 01 Oct 2022


Adulting is watching a 2 hrs movie in 7 days.

@Thumbe_ 07:17 PM - 18 Aug 2022


You guys, terrible news. I… I have to start living within my means.

@pandasugarbutt 02:31 PM - 25 Aug 2022


being an adult is a little bit out of my price range right now

@ITSMOODYAF 03:50 PM - 25 Aug 2022


Paid rent so I'll be at home enjoying my purchase for the rest of the month

@Anthony_x22 03:17 AM - 02 Oct 2022


Being an adult is knowing how to control yourself when the laptop freezes when you need it most.

@LindoGames_ 06:31 AM - 23 Aug 2022


adulting is reminding yourself to drink water and calm down every hour

@angelsiloveyou 01:26 AM - 24 Aug 2022


sorry boss i can’t come to work today i’m tucked into bed real tight and i’m super cozy you understand how it is

@JUNlPER 05:37 PM - 13 Oct 2022


Being an adult sucks ass😂 you be sad as hell but you still gotta get up and act like ain’t shit wrong 😂

@gIadys_05 11:53 AM - 24 Aug 2022


Adulting is just you dealing with anxiety, heartbreaks, family issues, career stress all by yourself & then pretending like nothing is wrong with you.

@kadaipaneeeer 05:32 PM - 23 Aug 2022



@jiselle_andrea_ 12:12 AM - 25 Aug 2022


As I’m adulting now, no reply from friends are now acceptable. Everyone is busy. I’m busy. I’m okay. I’m great.

@goodlucksofea 10:43 AM - 20 Aug 2022


Adulting is realizing your birthday is just a date !

@NgwanaMopedi1 06:30 AM - 16 Aug 2022


I want to be a kid again no bills, no responsibilities, just living life😩

@mel_uh_nin 01:13 AM - 07 Sep 2022


Adulting in 3 words: it’s always something

@chanfrfr 02:21 AM - 21 Sep 2022


Why is this an acceptable life? from antiwork


I suck at being grown. First thing go wrong.. I’m crying 😭😭

@heyhoneyrae 03:49 PM - 07 Nov 2022

Who else tired of this? Raise your hands in the comments. 🙋🏽‍♀️

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