Four illnesses with threat of severe symptoms on the rise among kids

ABC 10 News KGTV
ABC 10 News KGTV

Last week, 14-year-old Sydney Scelfo caught the flu, but it was more severe than ever before.

“She had [a] 105 fever and 160 resting heart rate," said Bonne Adams, Sydney's mother.

Adams decided to take Sydney to the emergency room at Children’s Healthcare Medical Associates.

“I couldn’t get her heart rate to come down; that was really scary for me,” she said.

Doctors say Adam’s decision potentially saved her daughter’s life.

“This one just felt different. I knew as a parent it felt different,” she said.

Scelfo had a bacterial infection that led to pneumonia. Doctors say this complication is common among flu patients this year. They're also seeing a rise in cases of RSV, COVID, and whooping cough throughout the County.

“You take away the masks, and people start to get together in big groups, Adams said. People start going to concerts, of course, people are going to start getting sick again.”

Doctors say mild cases should be treated like a cold, treated with vaporizers or Nose Fridas. But keep an eye out for more severe symptoms.

“I had a lot of chest pain and couldn’t go more than five minutes without coughing,” said Scelfo.

Doctors are encouraging people in San Diego County to get vaccinated for these illnesses before gathering for the holidays. They say if your child has prolonged fevers, chest pain, or problems breathing, they should go to the hospital for treatment.

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