Fans blast All American's JJ after epic blowup with Jordan


Since the beginning of All American season 5 , fans have noticed that the once loveable party boy JJ (Hunter Clowdus) has not quite been himself.

While he's always been one to search out a good time, since becoming a freshman at Coastal California College, his appetite for alcohol and late nights has seemed to grow. So much so that his collegiate football dreams are in danger of going up in smoke. His stereotypical frat boy behavior has now even taken a toll on his friendships, which ultimately led to an epic blowup between him and Jordan (Michael Evans Behling).

In an episode titled "Can't Nobody Hold Me Down" that aired on November 21, Asher (Cody Christian) makes a comment to Jordan about JJ's continual practice of throwing parties at their beach house. It's a routine that is wearing thin with Asher, but that Jordan has so far shrugged off.

However, when talking to Layla (Greta Onieogou) about his friend's inability to take anything seriously these days, she points out to Jordan that perhaps JJ is acting out because he misses the unity the Vortex friend group once had while in high school. She even encourages him to be there to support him.

Fast forward to the "calm Tuesday" fraternity event that JJ throws at the beach house. What JJ marketed as calm is anything but, as guests have to roll dice to determine the number of shots they need to take, the music is shaking the walls and there is a mechanical bull.

Feeling disgusted by the turn of events and realizing JJ is out of control, Jordan attempts to tell his friend to cut down on the drinking and end the party. But JJ tells his friend he's boring and attributes that to Layla. JJ elaborates on his point saying that Jordan is rather lame when in a relationship, first with Simone (Geffri Maya) and now with Layla.

Then things take a very dark turn when JJ calls out Layla's history among the friends. He notes that first she was with Asher, then it was Spencer (Daniel Ezra) and now it's Jordan. JJ then supposes he'll just wait his turn, which enrages Jordan. The latter punches JJ in the face and the two then roll around the living room floor fighting each other until JJ's fraternity brother pulls Jordan away.

When Jordan recaps what happened with Asher, JJ catches the two talking and makes the declarative statement that he's moving out. He accuses his friends of being "grandpas" since they’ve gotten to college and claims he's going to go live with people that are more his age — his fraternity brothers. The last words JJ utters is he hopes they can find someone to cover his portion of the rent.

We aren't sure what's really going on with JJ, but we hope things resolve themselves soon. There is already enough tension in the Vortex group because of Olivia 's (Samantha Logan) recent news story.

Fans blast All American's JJ for the Layla comments and the fight

The once fan-favorite certainly didn't earn any brownie points with viewers. Several people were quite upset with JJ for his antics. Jordan on the other hand is getting a lot of love.

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