Roger Pearce death: ITV Sports director dies while covering World Cup in Qatar

The Independent
The Independent
 13 days ago

Roger Pearce, the technical director of ITV Sport, has died while covering the World Cup in Qatar .

Pearce was covering his eighth Fifa World Cup tournament when he died.

His death was announced on air ahead of Monday’s (21 November) match between Wales and the US, with soorts broadcaster Mark Pougatch broke the news.

“We have some very sad news to bring you from here in Qatar,” he said.

“Our technical director, Roger Pearce, who was here embarking on his eighth World Cup, has sadly passed away.”

Pougatch went on to explain that Pearce and his team “are the brilliant people who bring the pictures into your homes and make it all happen”.

“Roger was a hugely respected figure in the TV sport broadcasting industry, for ITV he has been instrumental in the logistical planning and delivery of rugby World Cups as well as the football World Cups as well as the Euros,” he said.

Pougatch went on to say Pearce “always had a smile on his face and left a smile on your face”, calling the late technical director “utterly dedicated, professional, charming, and hugely popular”.

“He will be missed by so many people inside the industry and at home,” he concluded.

Studio director Neil Stainsby paid tribute to Pearce on Twitter, and revealed that he was due to retire in five weeks’ time.

“So sad to hear of the passing of my friend and former colleague at ITV Meridian, Roger Pearce. He died on his last assignment in Qatar before retirement in 5 weeks time. RIP Roger,” wrote Stainsby.

Prior to working at ITV, Pearce began his career as an engineer at Grampian TV.

He became ITV Sport’s full-time technical director in 2008.

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racky bacaltos
13d ago

another unexpected and unexplained death. the clues are all around us. and yet a lot of people are still not connecting the dots.

Sandle Paws
13d ago

Documentary "Died Suddenly"...hard to watch but explains that this is just the tip of the iceberg. Wait til next year...our country is screwed, we won't have a military. They are taking us out from the inside without ever firing a shot. Sun Tzu..Art of War

guest moe
13d ago

So sad….all these young people dying suddenly. Just lost 29 y/o rugby player in Yorkshire a few days ago. He was in “peak physical condition”. What’s seriously going on?


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