AAA activating Tow to Go program for Thanksgiving weekend

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In an effort to keep impaired drivers off the road during Thanksgiving weekend, AAA's Auto Club Group is activating its Tow to Go program.

The program provides transportation for the would-be impaired driver and their vehicle, according to a press release.

See more information from AAA's press release below.

  • Tow to Go is active from 6pm Wednesday, November 23 rd – 6am Monday, November 28 th
  • Available in Nebraska and Iowa (see below for full list of states)
  • Should be treated as a last resort

AAA has offered Tow to Go during major holidays for almost 25 years. During that time, AAA has removed more than 25,000 impaired drivers from the road.

How does it work? When someone calls Tow to Go, AAA dispatches a tow truck to transport the would-be impaired driver and their vehicle to a safe location within a 10-mile radius. The service is free for anyone, yet AAA asks that it be treated as a last resort.

Nationwide, AAA expects this to be the third-busiest Thanksgiving [] on the roads in history. Crash data from NHTSA proves that combining cocktails with crowded roads can be deadly. During the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, from 2016-2020, over 800 people died in crashes involving a drunk driver ( NHTSA [] ).

“AAA is proud to offer this service to help everyone make it home safely this Thanksgiving,” said Brian Ortner, AAA –Nebraska. “Alcohol, drugs and even prescription medications can affect your ability to drive. So don’t put yourself at risk. Find a designated driver or ridesharing program. If you’re tempted to drive impaired, call AAA instead and we’ll get you to a safe location.”

  • Provided from 6pm Wednesday, November 23 rd – 6am Monday, November 28 th
  • Free and available to AAA members and non-members.
  • Confidential local ride for one person and their vehicle to a safe location within a 10 mile radius .
  • Appointments cannot be scheduled in advance to use Tow to Go. It is designed as a safety net for those that did not plan ahead. Always choose a designated driver before celebrating.
  • In some situations, AAA may need to make other arrangements to get an impaired individual a safe ride home.
  • Tow to Go may not be available in rural areas or during severe weather conditions.

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