Thousands of Americans waking up to $800 direct payments in their bank accounts – what to do if you missed out

The US Sun
The US Sun

THOUSANDS of Americans are waking up to direct payments worth up to $800 thanks to a tax rebate issued to eligible South Carolina residents.

Taxpaying South Carolinians who filed their 2021 individual income tax return by October 17 may be eligible to receive the nearly $1,000 payment.
Thousands of taxpaying South Carolinians may be eligible to receive a rebate as high as $800 Credit: Getty

State lawmakers approved the distribution of the tax rebates during a session in June, including it in a $13.8billion budget bill.

The rebates are projected to cost roughly $1 billion.

According to South Carolina's Department of Revenue, those who missed the October deadline can still receive a rebate, but it would not reach their bank accounts until March 2023.

However, for anybody who only filled out a federal return or did not file their taxes, there is a bit of work to do before they see their check.

"If you missed the November 1 deadline, we still need your updated address, but your rebate may be delayed," the site explains.

Taxpayers looking to get their hands on an $800 direct payment have until February 15, 2023, to file their tax returns.

Folks can log into the state's DOR website, where the proper tax information can be filed.

South Carolina's Department of Revenue boasts its filing tool, making it easier to get the proper forms done.

Anybody with an amount on line ten of their 2021 Individual Tax Income Return is technically set to receive a payment.

By adding the credits from lines 21 and 22 and then subtracting this sum from the number on line 15, applicants can see how much they are likely to receive.

If your rebate amount is less than the maximum rebate cap of $800, you will get the amount found in your calculations.

A sum greater than or equal to the cap means you're entitled to the full $800.

All 2021 taxpayers that received a refund via direct deposit will receive their rebate the same way.

Paper checks will be mailed to all others.

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I sure wasn't one to wake up to an extra $800 in my account. Florida rarely gets anything extra. Always hearing about other states giving out

Betty Curry

All of America is in need of financial assistance, but it's like pulling teeth to get help. Other countries are first.

Luis Reyes

the administration says I will give you money and then doesn't give you any haven't you learned it's always backwards and Biden's world they're going to use the money I'm sure for oh let's say another country or to pay Hunter's lawyer bills


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