South Dakota Republican Charged With Rape After Losing Election to His Mom

Rolling Stone
Rolling Stone
 18 days ago

A candidate for South Dakota ’s House of Representatives has been arrested and charged with sexual assault days after losing his election … to his own mother.

Records show that Bud Marty May was brought into the Pennington County Jail on Nov. 13 on a charge of second-degree rape by way of “force, coercion or threats.” A conviction would carry a maximum penalty of 50 years imprisonment and up to $50,000 worth of fines.

The victim told investigators that May physically accosted her in a bar bathroom, telling her that he was “6′8″, white, it is all consensual.” According to law enforcement reports reviewed by the Rapid City Journal , the woman was found by police officers hiding within the bar “with dirt, blood and an abrasion on her face.” The blood allegedly came from a pre-existing wound on May’s forehead, which is visible in his mugshot.

May told the court that the alleged interaction “was simply a hug .”

Sexual assault is not the only current case against May, the former candidate is involved in an unresolved case regarding driving without a license and expired plates, and has multiple outstanding warrants from the Oglala Sioux Tribe Department of Public Safety.

May ran for the South Dakota state House against his mother, Republican state Rep. Liz Marty May, in a four-way race for two seats representing the state’s 27th District. The younger May drew 22 percent of the vote, but finished the race in fourth place, while his mother and Democrat Peri Pourier won reelection.

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Doyle Brush
18d ago

that sound like a whole lot of Republicans that is sick in the mind thinking that whatever they do it's okay as long as they do it but they don't want nobody else to do it y'all need to go to prison and meet the meanest black man in jail and become his girlfriend while you are locked up.

Danny Martinez
17d ago

What else is new? Trump supporters support violence like Trump. Trump is the leaders of the gang . That's all it is, a gang of criminals.

PennyLaine St.John
17d ago

I'm sure he would've wantd to serve his full term had he been elected, America also wants you to serve you full 50 year sentence.


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