BOOKING REPORT: Stalking Suspect Released from the Jail

San Angelo LIVE!
San Angelo LIVE!

SAN ANGELO, TX – Nearly a dozen suspects were booked into the Tom Green County Detention Facility over the past 24 hours.

San Angelo LIVE! makes no assumptions or representations about guilt or innocence of anyone on the booking report. Individuals charged with crimes are presumed innocent until proven guilty. Information on the site should not be used to determine any person’s actual criminal record.

The San Angelo Police Department, the Tom Green County Sheriff's Office, and the Texas Department of Public Safety made 11 arrests. Also a number of individuals were released from the jail including the following.

  • Rick Duerksen was released from the jail on Nov. 14, 2022 after spending more than 6 months in the TGCDF for stalking.

There are currently 491 inmates in the TGCDF as of Tuesday morning.

Name Rick Duerksen Copyright

Inmates booked into the Detention Center within the last 24 hours.

The following is a key for the above abbreviations:

  • MISC- Miscellaneous
  • VOP- Violation of Parole
  • GOB- Going off Bond
  • VPTA- Violation Promise to Appear
  • GJI- Grand Jury Indictment
  • COMM- Commuted Sentence
  • RPR- Rele

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