What went wrong in the midterm election?

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Columnist for the New York Post and the Washington Examiner Salena Zito joins Mark Reardon to discuss what went wrong in the midterm election, and what the future might hold.

“This is 2022 going into 2024 and people don't look backward and there's a nuance there that I think it's really important to people understand. It doesn't mean they don't like what he did, it doesn't mean that they don't love him, but well, you know, I know, but a lot of pollsters say, well they hate him, they left him. No, it's they're exhausted,” shared Zito on Trump’s influence on the midterm.

Later, she continued, “I started seeing this in 2022 when, after the election and after it was clear that he lost the election, which by the way, he did lose Pennsylvania, he lost it by 80,000 votes, you don't have a red wave down the ballot. You don't have Republicans winning every seat down the ballot in Pennsylvania and he loses without it being about him. When he started those antics people started to push away, but they had nowhere else to go. So he stayed high in the polls. Now there are other options.”

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