LA Mayor race still too close to call

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Co-host of "The Death of Journalism" podcast, John Ziegler joins Mark Reardon to react to Tuesday's midterm elections, and share on the LA Mayor race between Rick Caruso and Karen Bass that is still too close to call.

“I predicted a weak House take over, it's gonna be a little weaker than I thought, by the way. I'm not even 1000% sure Republicans are gonna win the House. I think they will, but I wouldn't bet the House on it. If I had a gun to my head, I think it will end up as 50-50 in the U. S. Senate still,” shared Ziegler

Later he continued, “I think almost no matter what, we end up at 50 because I have a theory that if walker's runoff is for control of the Senate, he loses and if it's not for control of the Senate, he wins. That's my theory… if the Georgia runoff is for control of the Senate then the entire and I mean, the entire democratic media industrial complex is going to descend on Georgia with one mission and one mission only, which is to destroy Herschel walker, which frankly, is pretty easy to do given his lack of experience.”

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