Latest Arkansas Poll shows info on governor race, marijuana, abortions


ARKANSAS. (KTVE/KARD) — The new Arkansas Poll, by University of Arkansas, shows strong Republican support in the state’s governor race, and dwindling chances for recreational marijuana to pass. The poll is in its 24th year and asks potential voters about a wide range of issues including elections, abortions, and the way the state is heading.

Among those surveyed, almost 60% are likely to vote Republican in the race for Arkansas governor, in which GOP candidate Sarah Huckabee Sanders is getting most of these voters’ support. In other polls, Sanders had at least a 10-point lead over Democratic candidate Chris Jones.

The Arkansas Poll also shows a drastic drop in support for the recreational marijuana issue on the ballot. Right now, about 60% of voters oppose the issue, and previous polls have shown Issue 4’s support losing steam as election night gets closer.

Another topic that the poll inquired about was abortion and what people would and would not support. In Arkansas, 74% would want abortion legalized when the pregnancy is no longer viable and 78% support abortions if the woman’s life is in danger.

54% thought abortion should be legal if there is a chance of serious defect in the baby, and 72% of those polled indicate that rape or incest should allow the abortion to be legal. Concern for the economy remained the most important issues for Arkansans, jumping from 22% to 39% in one year.

The average age of those polled was 63 and 76% were white.

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Gini Reeves

what does the race or age have to do with it? how about if you don't want certain answers how about ask people who can I don't know still get pregnant or people who do or know people who smoke marijuana!

Rickey Miller

I guess we'll see tomorrow. You also notice that they don't allow us to vote on legalizing abortion (not that we should have to) because they know that if they let the people choose they would vote pro-choice.


It shouldn’t matter whether you are Black or White, handicapped or not. To me this is.Discrimination and Racism and I DON’T LIKE!


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