Shrout: Children first


Dear editor,


I, Barry Shrout, with Election Day approaching, would like to share with you my qualifications and ask for your support for Mason County School Board District 5 on November 8th.

First I would like to thank the Mason County KEPAC Committee for their endorsement. I would also like to congratulate Mr. Chris Osgood on his endorsement by them also.

I am the incumbent running for the remaining two years on the term. I was appointed by Dr. Jason Glass, commissioner of the Kentucky Board of Education and sworn in April 18 this year.

My qualifications are as follows. I have an associate’s degree from MCTC. I’m a strong child advocate and work as a volunteer with the following. I’m a member of a focus group with the University of Kentucky College of Social Work. I attend webinars and private invitation zoom meetings. I’m a member of the Trusted Advisors Council for the Department for Community-Based Services. I also work with the Kentucky Youth Advocates in Louisville, private invitation group meetings involving various coalitions and officials. I was recently in a meeting about school safety with the mother of a Sandy Hook victim and a survivor of the Parkland tragedy. Having said that I have great resources to use if needed.

Last but certainly not least, I’m a grandparent raising four granddaughters that attend Mason County Schools so I have a vested interest in our district.

In closing, I want transparency I’m approachable, if you see me out I’ll be glad to talk with you. I would greatly appreciate your vote.

Children First, Teacher Support, Fiscal Accountability

Thank You

Barry Shrout

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