96 Things Literally Every Millennial Experienced As A Kid That Are Just Now Wonderfully Nostalgic


Get ready to be violently thrown back into the past with these. Seriously, you've been warned...

1. When having your VCR tear your favorite VHS tape was the worst thing that could happen to you:
Chekyfoto / Getty Images/iStockphoto

2. When birthday parties were about going to Chuck E. Cheese's and not about dinners at fancy restaurants and splitting checks:
Mark Schiefelbein / WireImage

3. And when having a stack of these made you feel ~rich~:

4. And when you entertained yourself with one of these for hours while on a car trip or just out running errands with your parents:

5. When this was the best and coolest souvenir you could get on vacation:

6. When the Rainforest Cafe was the most magical place you could eat at:
Cheryl Ramalho / Getty Images/iStockphoto

7. When Beanie Babies were your 401(k):
Joyce Naltchayan / AFP via Getty Images

8. And Pokémon cards were valuable currency:

9. When sitting right in front of the TV felt like a rebel move:
Tim Boyle / Getty Images

10. When fighting with your siblings over "internet time" (when using the family computer) were some of your only real sources of frustration in your life:

11. When this was the most expensive thing you carried around:
Agustin Vai / Getty Images/iStockphoto

12. When walking aimlessly through the aisle of a Toys "R" Us just felt magical:
Langevin Jacques / Sygma via Getty Images

13. When nothing was more refreshing than drinking out of the hose in your backyard on a hot day:

Garden Watering hose on a reel isolated on white background

Yevgen Romanenko / Getty Images

14. When watching the Pure Moods commercial instantly transported you and made you feel calm:

15. And when Jock Jams was the go-to birthday party album:

16. When you looked forward to going to weddings 'cause you knew you'd be dancing the "Macarena":

Sony Music

17. When using your Hercules plates made you feel like you were eating off fine china:

18. When you'd feel so gourmet 'cause you made the Country Time Lemonade:

19. When eating a Lunchable felt like a flex:
Ralf-finn Hestoft / Corbis via Getty Images

20. When the most stressful part about Valentine's Day was only about the number of cards you'd get from your classmates:

Valentine's cards from the 90's from nostalgia

21. The satisfying feeling you'd get whenever your entire family agreed on a movie to rent:
Chuck Savage / Getty Images

22. This carpet that's a visceral memory:

90's movie theater carpet from 90s

23. The rush of having every movie at your fingertips:

Fridays at Blockbuster from 90s

24. This being your most coveted possession:

Ancient relic of unknown purpose from 90s

25. The OG daytime TV shows:

This was the life. :( from 90s

26. Long movies that needed an intermission:

Lol from 90s

27. When computers were this:

Never Obsolete from 90s


Did every school have this? This thing was awesome from 90s

29. These being the best part of your day:

school lunch grape ice pops! from nostalgia

30. Watching this:

This was SNL for kids from 90s

31. These old school candies:

Miss these! from 90s

32. The way this clicked when you changed the picture:

Anyone remember this? from 90s

33. The peak of fashion:

Who had this? I was so fancy every day! from 90s

34. Feeding your fake baby this delectable treat:

Who else remembers having this when they were little? from 90s

35. Wanting to order these so badly:

zoo books - can’t forget the limited edition tiger poster from 90s

36. Playing with these:

Who had one? from 90s


If you know you know from 90s

38. The excruciating pain:

90's kids - remember having your fingers crushed by these in gym class? from 90s

39. Everyone's parents had one of these:

The GE alarm clock that everyone seemed to have from nostalgia

40. The excitement when you knew it was about to go down:

Coming soon to theaters from nostalgia

41. This bold color choice:

Nickelodeon's orange VHS tapes from nostalgia

42. You couldn't draw with these but they were awesome:

crayola stamp markers from nostalgia

43. This color combo:

Is there anything more 90s than this? I'll wait. from 90s

44. This extreme sport:

Magic Mitt for the 90s kids out there from nostalgia

45. This little pooch:

Anyone remember seeing Wishbone? from nostalgia

46. One of the weirdest books...ever:

The Stinky Cheese Man and Other Fairly Stupid Tales. from nostalgia

47. The literal best movie ever made:

Arguably the best Scooby Doo movie, Scooby Doo on Zombie Island. from nostalgia

48. Topanga and Corey were totally your ultimate couple goals:
Sgranitz / WireImage

49. These guys were your ultimate squad goals — hell, they probably still are:
Sgranitz / WireImage

50. ~Fruit~ in string form:
Courtesy of General Mills

51. This oh-so-sweet sugar water was something that you would have gladly traded your sandwich for:
Courtesy of General Mills

52. This was so gourmet that even Ina Garten would've been jealous of your lunch:

53. How this gum gave you the best ~five~ seconds of flavor:

54. How each spoonful of vanilla ice cream also came with a hint of wood flavor:

55. How much anxiety you got any time you played this game:

56. That this lineup was a reason to rush home from school:

57. This lineup was a reason to look forward to Fridays:

58. How this literary classic taught you the importance of being yourself:
NordSüd Verlag

59. There was no cooler person than JTT:
Brenda Chase / Stringer

60. How much this game brought out your inner artist:

61. The deep down frustration you felt 'cause you couldn't figure what out Home Improvement 's Wilson looked like:

62. How Bill Nye actually made you want to learn more about science:


63. There was no better place to have a birthday party than Discovery Zone:
Michael L. Abramson / Getty Images

64. How the Spice Girls were bigger than life, and that they released absolute pop gems:
Brenda Chase / Getty Images

65. How you thought you knew all the lyrics to "The Sign," but really all you knew was the chorus:

Sony Music

66. How you'd sit on a cheeseburger while eating a hamburger at McDonald's:

67. These were the most stylish shoes you could own, even if they did make your feet smell and gave you blisters:

68. The craziness that was Hanson-mania and how everyone had a favorite brother:
Brenda Chase / Getty Images

69. The frustration you'd feel at NOT being able to see the hidden image:
Magic Eye Inc.

70. How much you wanted a Talkboy so that you could cause a bit of chaos like Kevin McCallister:
20th Century Fox

71. This clock that was home decor goals:

72. The way these smelled so amazing (well, expect for the licorice one):

73. The little joy you got playing with the big rain sticks any time you went into Natural Wonders:

74. The rush you got any time you walked into the Warner Bros. Studio Store:

Warner Bros. Studio Store in the mall from nostalgia

75. How there was no better comedy duo than these two:

76. How eating one of these was truly a treat-yo'-self moment:

77. Just how LIT this scene was in A Goofy Movie :


78. Knowing you were a true movie connoisseur if your VHS collection looked like this:

79. Having this as your ultimate DREAM vacation destination:

80. Realizing the lesson was going to get serious whenever you teacher pulled down the maps:

81. The intoxicating smell of a freshly opened can of Gak:

82. These snacks, that you’d secretly eat from your mom’s stash:

83. Thinking there was nothing cooler than the Power Rangers:
MarVista Entertainment

84. The need to own every piece of Power Rangers merchandise they put out:
Joshua Roberts / AFP / Getty Images

85. Wanting badly to have a room as awesome as Arnold's, and TBH, you probably still do:

86. This was the most epic duet you had ever heard (and, LBH, it still is):

Universal Music

87. The first kitchen appliance you really wanted to own:

88. Knowing Stick Stickly's address better than your own:

89. REALLY, REALLY wanting a subscription to this:

90. Eating mutant-colored popcorn:
Courtesy of General Mills

91. Joining this club:

92. And this one (all for the free mailers):
CW/Warner Bros. Television

93. Trying to skate with these and basically moving all of one mile per hour:

94. Having private phone conversations like this (when it wasn't a portable phone):

I'm “trying to stretch the phone cord from the kitchen to my room to make a private call” years old. #MyAgeInAPhrase

@Doug_Stryker 04:23 PM - 13 Jul 2017

95. These portable stereos that were pretty big and looked indestructible:

JVC KABOOM - Bought mine in 1997 and still works Flawlessly. from nostalgia

96. And finally, people both literally burying their dead Tamagotchis or virtually burying them on websites:
Mathieu Polak / Getty Images

This post contains content from Matt Stopera, Hannah Dobrogosz, and Brian Galindo. It was compiled by Laura Frustaci.

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