Antonio Brown Drops Bizarre Tweet in Light of Shocking Video Exposing Himself

Yesterday, news broke that Antonio Brown exposed himself to a woman in a hotel pool during his stay in Dubai. He was overseas to perform for Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s entrance to the boxing ring. The entire incident was caught on camera and witnessed by multiple hotel guests, sparking shock and outrage across social media.

Soon after the video surfaced, Antonio Brown took to Twitter to defend himself . The former Buc claimed that what appeared to be harassment was actually consensual flirting. According to Brown, the woman “runs off with [his] swim trunks” after he exposes himself and dunks her into the pool.

Today, Brown doubled down on his insistence that the video is nothing but light-hearted fun. Rather than shying away from the backlash, he posted a joke about the incident on Twitter.

Every week, the staggeringly popular account PFT Commenter asks NFL fans how they’re preparing for Sunday’s lineup. And this week, Antonio Brown himself replied… sort of.

“I’m telling every team that needs some offense to pick up AB [because] he’s shown that he still has the ability to expose a D,” he wrote, referencing the off-putting video.

Witnesses Claim Woman Was Visibly Upset Following Antonio Brown Incident

It’s impossible to know the exact sequence of the events at the hotel pool, especially because the faces of the woman and bystanders were blurred. And, unsurprisingly, there are already conflicting accounts. Antonio Brown insists the shocking video was nothing but a consensual flirtation. Witnesses from the hotel, on the other hand, tell a different story.

According to eyewitnesses, the woman was “visibly upset” immediately following the incident. She was also “later spotted inside the hotel yelling and complaining to others” about Brown, as reported by the New York Post .

The hotel refused to comment on the incident and the woman’s identity remains unknown. But an anonymous hotel staff member claimed that Antonio Brown was asked to leave the pool moments after the events in the video. Additionally, they said that the hotel received numerous complaints during Brown’s stay.

Those complaints included Brown disregarding United Arab Emirates dress code customs by walking bare-chested through the hotel and allegedly smoking marijuana in his room. If true, he not only violated the rules of the hotel but the laws of the country.

Brown’s team has yet to comment on the incident. As of now, it also remains unclear if the former Buccaneers receiver will face any criminal or civil charges. Antonio Brown himself reportedly responded to a reporter’s inquiry, however.

When asked if he condoned exposing himself in a pool surrounded by unsuspecting guests, Brown allegedly replied, “Do what u got to do p—y u white boys dead already.”

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