Meghan Markle ‘very unhappy’ over ‘racist’ headline written for 2017 cover issue of Vanity Fair

The Independent
The Independent

Meghan Markle was “very unhappy” with a cover issue of Vanity Fair because she believed the headline referring to her relationship with Prince Harry was “racist”, according to a new book.

The Duchess of Sussex, 41, was reportedly furious with the headline of the October 2017 issue of the magazine, which read: “She’s Just Wild about Harry.”

She was reportedly upset by the headline because it shares its name with the title of a song performed by Judy Garland and Mickey Rooney in the 1939 film Babes in Arms, which features people dancing in blackface.

The book – Courtiers: The Hidden Power Behind The Crown by Valentine Low – also claims that Meghan was troubled by the photo of her used on the cover, and described the story overleaf as “negative”.

“They [Harry and Meghan] tried to get it changed online, because [they thought] it had been racially motivated,” a source told author Low.

“She was upset that it was about Harry, not about her.”

“She was looking to throw blame in every possible direction, despite it having been a positive piece,” the source said.

“She did not like the photographs. She thought the story was negative. She was upset that it was about Harry, not about her.”

The relationship between Harry and Meghan began in 2016. The pair announced their engagement in November 2017, weeks after the Vanity Fair issue went to print.

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This is old news, poor Meggie, only 52 cards in a deck, you used them all, So be quiet and go on, I surely don't feel bad for you. You don't respect yourself. Again just a number, no page 6 for you, even your neighbors can't stand you. Go wipe your snots on Harry!

Pretty Feet

Markle had been married to Harry for less then 2 yrs. When she left in 2020. Markle has been away from the Royal Family for over 2 and a half yrs. When is she going to stop talking about her husband's family? A week before the Queen died Markle did an interview with The Cut magazine bashing Harry's family again. Then she had to face them at the Queen's mourning. Now comes the dilemma...if she continues to bash the family she will lose her title. If they stop talking about the Royals in interviews and in Harry's book...they will lose their multi-million deals! Now they are quiet. They knew the Queen wouldn't take their titles...but King Charles will or Prince William will.Everyone is waiting for her next interview and Harry's book of lies! ...oh I mean his and Markles truth.


If it weren’t about Harry she wouldn’t be on the cover of Vogue and would be a total nobody. She twists everything to make her the persecuted victim.


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