Trump news - live: Lara Trump under fire for parenting as bizarre details from Maggie Haberman’s book surface

The Independent
The Independent

Donald Trump took to Truth Social to predict that “war” could be on the horizon after unusual leaks were discovered on Nord Stream I and II, two natural gas pipelines running underwater from Russia to Germany . “This could lead to major escalation, or War!” the former president raged.

Meanwhile, his daughter-in-law Lara Trump has come under fire for posting a video of her son outside on a toy car as Hurricane Ian hits Florida. The storm system has hit the state as a category four and federal and state officials have come together in response.

The hurricane also caused the Jan 6 House select committee to postpone Wednesday’s supposed final public hearing allowing committee member Rep Stephanie Murphy to respond to matters in her Florida district.

On Tuesday, a Capitol rioter was sentenced to seven years in prison for providing the taser used in the attack on police officer Michael Fanone . Reading his victim statement at the sentencing, Mr Fanone said Kyle Young deserved a cell with his co-conspirator, Mr Trump.

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Luke Williams

One thing he's, (Trump). not confused about is his continuing attempts to divide this country... Enemies both foreign and abroad are waiting... Because if this country is divided ➗️ anymore we be conquered... Stop following the lie...

Bad O Knows

If Trump walked around with guilty stamped on his forehead and said he had it done his loyal Patrons still wouldn't believe it.

Lynne Caniglia

The man thinks he is still president. He has mental breakdowns. The Narcissist Sociopath behavior will not leave him. His behavior will get worse not better.


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