Ex-Mueller prosecutor: Trump is "quiet-quitting" special master case after realizing his "blunder"


Former President Donald Trump speaks at a ‘Save America’ rally in support of Arizona GOP candidates on July 22, 2022 in Prescott Valley, Arizona. (Mario Tama/Getty Images)

Former general counsel of the FBI Andrew Weissmann explained why he thinks Donald Trump is "quiet quitting" his special master case.

Weissmann, alongside former Deputy Assistant Attorney General Harry Litman was interviewed by MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell.

Special master Raymond Dearie ordered Trump's lawyers to secure a document vendor, but in a Tuesday legal filing, the Department of Justice said none of the five major firms want to work for Trump, so the federal government guaranteed payment.

"I think there is something we can take away from what seems like a small potatoes kind of thing," Weissmann said. "I think what Donald Trump is doing is quiet quitting. He brought this case and he realized he is worse off from having brought this case."

Weissman noted reports attorney Chris Kise left only weeks after being paid $3 million.

"I wouldn't want to work on this either," he said.

"So he really strategically made a terrible blunder," Weissmann concluded.

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David Simmons

Everything about trump is a blunder, and all the Dominos are falling down for all to see. his heart will give out soon with all the lies, deceipt, and criminal act falling on him - good riddens...

Karen Porter

Trump has finally met a judge who is not influenced, bought, by Trump! Trump has finally met the REAL JUDICIARY! Hopefully, going forward, Trump will continue towards full accountability!


What a waste of good air trump has become. every judge in the country knows his name and probably expects to see it on the court docket sooner or later


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