Surveillance footage captures missing Texas middle school teacher getting out of her Lexus SUV in New Orleans - amid fears 'confused' mother-of-three has 'wandered into the Mississippi River in a delirious state'

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A missing Texas middle school teacher was caught on surveillance footage parking her Lexus SUV in New Orleans and walking away just one day after she disappeared.

Those looking are concerned that Reynolds may have wandered into the water in a delirious state.

A nonprofit search and rescue organization is scouring the Mississippi River looking for any signs of 48-year-old Michelle Reynolds, whose husband first reported her missing on Thursday.

Michael Reynolds had said his wife told him she was going out to get food that day, but never returned to their Alvin, Texas home.

Her SUV was later found hundreds of miles away in the Big Easy on Saturday, with her cellphone, driver's license and credit cards still inside.

Officials now fear the mother of three may have been confused and waded into the river after driving to New Orleans and abandoning her car.
Michelle Reynolds, 48, was reported missing on Thursday after she told her husband she was going out to get food. Her Lexus SUV was later located in New Orleans, with her belongings still inside
Surveillance footage purports to show Reynolds park her car on Saint Peters Street in New Orleans just after noon on Friday and walk away

After Michelle first disappeared, Michael told KHOU he used the Lexus Roadside Service to find Michelle's Lexus NX 300, and were shocked to discover it in New Orleans.

He then went out to Louisiana over the weekend in an effort to find his wife and bring her home, but Michael and Michelle's brother were only able to find her still-charged cell phone, IDs and credit cards in her car.

That is when Michael enlisted the help of Texas EquuSearch, a nonprofit mounted search and rescue team, which was able to obtain surveillance footage of Michelle parking the silver car near a church on Saint Peters Street just after noon on Friday.

'We did get surveillance of her actually parking her car on Saint Peters Street at 12.01pm Friday afternoon, and then kind of what direction she was walking,' Texas EquuSearch founder Tim Miller told FOX 26.

He added that 'Saint Peters Street is pretty close to the Mississippi River,' and worries Michelle may have wandered into the water in a delirious state.

Miller now wants to trace her steps after parking the SUV.

Shortly after he received the video from a nearby business, he said his organization put a helicopter in the air, searching the banks of the Mississippi River and the river itself for the Fairview Junior High School teacher.

But so far, Miller said, the search efforts have been unsuccessful.

'I just got the video back from about 20 miles along the river to see if she is in there,' he told KHOU. 'They didn't come up with anything.'

Miller has since traveled to New Orleans himself, where he plans to meet with city police and the Brazoria County Sheriff's Office.

He also hopes to have another helicopter back up on Wednesday along with a boat in the river to continue the search efforts.
Michael Reynolds, Michelle's husband, located her car using the Lexus Roadside Service and found her still-charged cellphone, IDs and credit card still inside
He said he now believes his wife may have been confused when she disappeared last week

Both Miller and Michael now fear Michelle may have been confused when she disappeared.

'We know that Michelle was confused. There's some things that were going on,' Michael told FOX 26.

'In the beginning, we were wondering, "Was she carjacked? Is something else happening?"' he noted, 'until we got that surveillance and yes, she parked at 12.01pm, got out of her car and started walking.

'So we know now that foul play did not happen from Point A to Point B.'

'Hopefully she's confused, and she's wandering over there and somebody's going to see her, and we're going to get her back safe,' he lamented. 'That's certainly the goal.'

Michael is now back in Texas, trying to comfort his children as the search efforts continue.

'I am heading back to Houston now because I have three children,' he said on Monday. 'My daughter is having a really tough time and so is my 13-year-old daughter and my 11-year-old son as well.

'Please be on the lookout for Michelle. We love her and miss her dearly. We're doing everything we can to bring her home safe.'
A nonprofit organization is now joining in the search efforts for the middle school teacher at Fairview Junior High in the Alvin Independent School District

Missing persons reports have been filed in both Texas and Louisiana for the middle school teacher at Fairview Junior High in the Alvin Independent School District, located about 25 miles south of Houston.
Michelle Reynolds smiles in a photo posted to her public Facebook account 

It is unknown what clothing Michelle was wearing at the time of her disappearance, but she may have been wearing black leggings. spoke with Brazoria County Sheriff's Office Sgt. Danny Lares who said that they are continuing to look into any and all information on the 48-year-old's disappearance.

'Our investigators are following all leads,' Sgt. Lares said in an interview. 'They are trying to verify if she has been in contact with anybody and following leads and seeing where it takes them.'

Reynolds is described as 5 feet, 10 inches tall with a thin build. She has blonde hair and brown eyes.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Brazoria County Sheriff's Office at 979-864-2392.

The matter remains under investigation by officials at this time.

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Sondra Davis

So glad she was spotted on surveillance New Orleans.Prayers she's found safe, no matter what the situation is in her personal life!


So wait, she drove to New Orleans SAFELY, but somehow became CONFUSED in between time and wandered off…. possibly in the water 😏🤔

Ima Swmchick

No explanation as to WHY(?) she would be "confused"? Seems that would be important to the story. Is she on drugs? An alcoholic? Early-onset dementia? Head injury? C'mon, editors. Give us more information, so we'll be better able to assess the situation and hopefully bring this "confused" woman home to her family.


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