Missing 6-year-old boy’s chilling prediction to mom before he vanished after eerie clue emerges hundreds of miles away

The US Sun
The US Sun

A SIX-year-old boy gave an ominous warning before he disappeared from Miami, Florida last month.

Jorge "Jojo" Morales had reportedly told his mother that "bad people were trying to take him away" before he went missing from her home on August 27.
Jorge 'Jojo' Morales has been missing since August 27 Credit: Miami-Dade Police Department
His mother Yanet Concepcion said Jojo had warned that 'bad people were trying to take him away' Credit: CBS Miami

Police say the boy's father Jorge Morales, 45, and grandmother Lilliam Peña Morales, 68, kidnapped him to keep him away from his mother Yanet Concepcion amid a custody fight.

Now an eerie clue has emerged hundreds of miles away from the boy's home.

An SUV found abandoned by Border Patrol in Maine, near the Canada border, is believed to be connected to the disappearance.

A private investigator said items belonging to Jojo were found inside, and Miami police are working to determine if the vehicle has any involvement in the case.

Jorge, who's autistic, had also told his mom that "his dad wanted 'to take him to live on a farm with windmills and wanted me to go with him," according to WPLG.

Arrest warrants have been issued for Morales and his mother for allegedly taking the boy illegally.

Police believe he had been planning the abduction for a year, and Concepcion has said her ex-husband had been looking into how to live off the grid.

Morales had allegedly been only using cash to pay for his expenses for a year in preparation.

On Tuesday, Concepcion pleaded with the boy's father to bring him home.

"Please rethink what you did. You know things aren’t going your way," she said. "Do the right thing."

An Amber alert was issued for Jojo by Florida and Miami Dade authorities, who believe the trio is in Maine or Eastern Canada.

US Marshals are offering up to $10,000 for information leading to arrests in the case.
An SUV found abandoned by Border Patrol in Maine, near the Canada border, is believed to be connected to the disappearance Credit: Maine State Police Department

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Cheryl lynn

He sure does not look happy in that picture and dark circle under his eyes..God be with this child keep him safe and loved


poor baby.. hope everything works out smh. he looks so sad like he's been going thru it. prayers for this family🙏

Roger N Kim Mitchell

Human trafficking is at a red alert high.. They are coming across the border and taking them back.. Just like that..Secure our southern borders.BUILD THAT DAM WALL.SECUTE IT WITH MILITARY PERSONNEL...


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