WATCH: Onlookers in Key West Film Giant Waves as Hurricane Ian Approaches

Hurricane Ian is rapidly heading towards Florida, and the effects are already crazy. Onlookers filmed giant waves in Key West as the storm approaches.

The video, shared on Instagram, shows huge waves crashing against the ground, with water everywhere. The caption reads: “STORM CHASERS: Onlookers in Key West, Florida, capture monstrous waves as Hurricane Ian heads toward coast. Link in bio.”

Many commented on the frightening conditions. One person wrote: “Hope neighbors checked on their elderly neighbors to give them help.”

The storm, which just recently reached hurricane-level wind speeds, has had everyone on edge. The storm has hit Cuba badly, and is heading to Florida. Just yesterday, water drenched an anchor and cameraman as they were outside reporting on the storm.

The Weather Channel tweeted a video of the situation, writing: “When you cover a hurricane, tell your cameraman to watch out for waves! #Ian @FeliciaCombsTWC is LIVE in Key West, Florida:”

The video shows the weather woman walking around in water as waves crash behind her. The camera is also clearly doused in water, as water droplets are visible on the lens.

FEMA Administrator Deanne Criswell encouraged residents in a White House briefing to evacuate ahead of the storm.

“Get ready and do not underestimate the potential this storm can bring,” Criswell said. “We’re talking about impacts in parts of Florida that hasn’t seen a direct impact in nearly 100 years.”

Hurricane Ian Causes Tornado Warnings

Another effect of the hurricane is tornados in surrounding areas. Yesterday (Tuesday, September 27) night, tornado warnings hit several counties in the surrounding areas. Meteorologists reported several tornadoes in different counties throughout the night.

The National Hurricane Center shared a statement about the warnings: Catastrophic storm surge inundation of 12 to 16 feet above ground level along with destructive waves are expected somewhere along the southwest Florida coastline from Englewood to Bonita Beach, including Charlotte Harbor. Residents in these areas should urgently follow any evacuation orders in effect.”

Around 8:30 a.m., they stated that Florida residents need to evacuate soon if they are planning to.

“Time is quickly running out for residents to rush preparations to completion on the southwestern Florida peninsula as Hurricane #Ian nears. Tropical-Storm-Force winds already beginning to affect coast. Conditions will rapidly deteriorate & catastrophic wind damage is expected,” they tweeted.

The storm has surpassed several categories. This morning, Accuweather shared the latest rating for the storm — Category 5.

“Meteorologists on Wednesday morning upped the rating for #HurricaneIan to a 5 on the AccuWeather RealImpact for Hurricanes — the highest rating on the scale.,” they said.

The comments were full of people debating the category of the storm, and many people wishing those who live in Cuba and Florida safety.

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Tina Loudermilk

Then the “on lookers” will want rescued, endangering the rescue responders. It’s bad enough that film crew is still there vs using drones or a camera from a business.


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