Noah Cyrus Reveals What Billy Ray Cyrus Told Her Before ‘Committing’ to Xanax Addiction Recovery

In July, Noah Cyrus revealed that she was in recovery. Cyrus said that she had been fighting her addiction to Xanax for years. Cyrus revealed that she got hooked on the drug at the age of 18. At the time, she was dating rapper Lil Xan who introduced her to the drug. Now, the 22-year-old is nearly two years clean from substances.

Recently, Noah Cyrus appeared on the Kelly Clarkson Show. While there, she opened up about some advice her dad gave her that put her on the path to recovery.

Noah Cyrus on the Advice She Got from Her Dad

It was the summer of 2020 and Noah Cyrus was deep into her addiction and was months away from “committing” to recovery. She took a trip to Nashville to spend some time with her father. Billy Ray could see that she was struggling, but had no idea how bad it was. Still, he knew he needed to try to help her get back to herself. So, he took her outside and they stood on a hill on Cyrus’ property. “He had me take my shoes off and put my feet in the grass and really get connected to home,” Noah said. Then, her father told her, “Noey, just stand still. Breathe in the air. Just stand still and get connected back to who you really are. None of the rest of this matters. Let’s just be here, me and you.”

“We had such an amazing moment that I hadn’t had in such a long time,” Noah Cyrus recalled. “He didn’t know how much I really needed to hear that and be reminded of that at that time.”

Noah Cyrus also revealed that “Stand still,” is something that her dad’s family has passed down for generations. “Stand still has just been around through generations of my dad’s side [of the family]. His grandfather, his dad, passed down to him,” she said. Cyrus added that they’ve each passed along the wisdom, “If you don’t know what to do, just stand still.”

Advice Became Inspiration

On Friday, September 23, Noah Cyrus released two versions of her new single “Noah (Stand Still” to streaming services. In one version, Billy Ray adds his vocals and a verse to the song. The version without him features a verse about her recovery. “Six months sober, but nothing much has changed. / Life’s not over, but I’m feeling twice the pain. / And I’m not better, but I’m not quite the same. / It keeps coming, so I keep counting the days.

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The solo version of the single

Both versions so of the song feature that time-tested piece of advice that her father passed down to her. In the chorus, Cyrus sings, “And my father told me / Noah when you don’t know where you’re going / Just stand still, soon enough you will,” calling back to that powerful moment.

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