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Tammy White

I'm black. They aren't being falsely convicted,white people just aren't being arrested for committing the same crime and if they are arrested they don't get as much of time.


I think it's okay to have an opinion. but I am sick and tired of people speaking on things they know nothing about. people say don't break the law, don't commit a serious crime, "it's just that simple"....did ya'll not read the same article I did??? clearly states INNOCENT black people are convicted, falsely accused and even set up by police at a higher rate. I don't get what all the argument is about. These are facts, nothing to be in denial over. we have a horrible justice system, and black people are falsely accused at an alarming rate. Did ya'll not read the part that stated a black man's case went all the way to Supreme Court no evidence against him, no witnesses. he was in the wrong because he was BLACK. How is this not an issue? and how could people with any common sense or even compassion think that black people over all are the issue. The idiots who think like that are the problem. Cause at the end of the day color is only that color. Shouldn't be a factor in any decision.

master Li

after they lose twenty years of their lives, the governor's come with oops, you were innocent all along


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