WATCH: Alligator Handler Bitten, Dragged Into Water in Shocking Attack

An alligator handler got more than what she was bargaining for when one of the large reptiles ended up dragging her into the water during a shocking attack.

A new viral video showed the attack, which took place during a child’s birthday party in August 2021. An alligator attacked its handler, named Theresa Wiseman, and threw her into the water. When she used methods to calm the reptile down, it decided to barrel roll and her down with it. One of the guests in attendance jumped into the little pool to save her. The guest then held the gator while another guest was able to pull her out. It was noted that everyone involved in the situation was ok.

Fox 13 further revealed that the handler was attempting to guide the alligator back into the water tank after it made its way onto a nearby platform. When she signed a command, signaling the reptile to retreat back into the water, that’s when the attack occurred.

Shane Richin, the owner of the company Scales and Tails, which owns the alligator, stated that the handler was opening the enclosure to feed the reptile as usual. But this time, the animal got a little “extra spunky” in the process. He explained that the company normally has a strict policy for a second handler to be nearby when employees are working with the gators. However, this policy has not been enforced in recent years if the employee isn’t planning to enter the enclosure.

“We still enforce it strictly whenever somebody gets in with the gator,” Richin explained. “But, of course, going forward, we will be back to strictly enforcing it with any interactions with the gator for that very reason.”

Company That Employs Alligator Handler Thanks Visitors Who Rushed to Her Aid During Attack

Meanwhile, Scales and Tails issued a statement following the fight between the alligator and handler. The company thanked the visitors who rushed to help the handler.

“These gentlemen could have stayed in the safety zone as most of us would,” the company shared on Facebook. “But instead jumped into the situation, of their own volition, and helped secure the alligator. Their help, combined with the training of our staff member, probably saved her life and her limbs.”

It was noted that one of the other guests had a nursing background and started first aid prior to the EMT’s arrival. “We thank her for that as well,” the company continued. “Our staff member is doing well and is in recovery.”

While most commenters seemed to support the company during the situation, others didn’t have the same opinion. “Shame on your company!” One person wrote. “What do you expect when you hold wild animals in these types of prisons? Wild animals don’t belong in captivity. I hope your company shuts down ASAP.”

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Jacqueline Reynolds

Animals are animals that are very dangerous why people are so important to test them they do whats natural to make it not all but they will not be tempted to someone who will take a risk to impress others hasn't anyone noticed that lately alot of attacks on many species are not safe alot of shark and bears and other animals are frustrating and it's a very important thing for us to be more careful around them they deserve respect and care get away from them keep your distance from the species as much as possible...

Rodney Malltell

the attack is not shocking it is natural. leave them alone don't try to dominate Mother Nature you will lose

Michael B

That was too painful to finish. They had zero plan for this possibility. No plan, no tools no nothing. I also never heard of a trained alligator.


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