The ‘Hocus Pocus’ Sequel Has Created Some Truly Insane (And Inspired) Merch


The Sanderson Sisters officially return to their bewitching antics next week — just in time for Halloween. And already the merchandise is flying off the shelves. The “Hocus Pocus” Yahtzee is currently a best seller on Amazon, and that’s not the only Sanderson sister tie-in that candle-lighting. Virgins are hyped for this spooky season.

From glittering gold Hocus Pocus-themed Crocs to a Hot Topic Cardigan inspired by the one worn by an 11 year-old Thora Birch in the original film, check out some of the best “Hocus Pocus” merch to buy ahead of “ Hocus Pocus 2 .”

In the sequel, which premieres Sept. 30 on Disney+, Winifred (Bette Midler), Sarah (Sarah Jessica Parker) and Mary (Kathy Dajimy) rise from the dead to face off against two young girls who take over for Max Dennison and Dani in stopping the sibling witches from becoming immortal before the sun rises.

Hocus Pocus Crocs
Courtesy of Crocs

Crocs never misses an opportunity for a branded partnership deal (did you see their most recent collaboration with 7-Eleven )? Now, ahead of “Hocus Pocus 2,” their newest foam clogs boast purple and gold glitter tretament and Sanderson Sister-inspired jibbitz.

Buy Now: $59.99 Buy It

Max’s Tie-Dye Shirt
Courtesy of Hot Topic

Hot Topic recreated Omri Katz’s shirt that he wore playing Max. And yes, not only did they sew in long sleeves so you can lovingly recreate the excellent ’90s trend of layering t-shirts over longer shirts, but they also gave it a fun little graphic on the back so people will know you’re aware of the homage.

Hocus Pocus Dani Hooded Fringe Cardigan
Courtesy Images

One of the most iconic costumes from the first “Hocus Pocus” is the adorable red and black cardigan wore by Thora Birch’s Dani, recreated with some subtle differences in Hot Topic’s new collection.

Buy Now: $59.90 Buy It

The Black Flame Candle
Courtesy of Etsy

The black flame candle, virgin not included! Light at your own risk you never know what night might bring back the big three. Technically, you can’t light this replica from the movie at all because it’s an LED light, however this Etsy creation does boast of autumnal smells and has a very real black flame that waves about on top. And with over 2,466 reviews, this candle has let few down.

Black Flame Candle $23.79 Buy It

Hocus Pocus Color Changing Mug
Courtesy of Disney

Add some edge to your morning coffee with this magical cauldron mug, which lights up with a neon green brew when holding hot liquids.

Buy Now: $24.99 Buy It

Hocus Pocus Cereal
Courtesy of Target

Add a spellbinding twist to your daily breakfast with this “Hocus Pocus 2”-branded cereal.

Buy Now: $4.99 Buy It

Toll House Hocus Pocus Oatmeal Peanut Butter Cookie Dough
Courtesy of Instacart

Fall baking is here. Get festive with this Halloween-themed cookie dough, packed with colorful chocolate chunks in the autumnal hues of “Hocus Pocus.”

Buy Now: $4.89 Buy It

ColourPop Hocus Pocus 2 Full Collection
Courtesy of Colour Pop

Hex a spell with your eyes with this metallic eyeshadow palette, featuring sparkly pressed glitters and rich, spooky mattes.

ColourPop Hocus Pocus 2 Full Collection Buy It

Squishmallows Hocus Pocus Witches
Courtesy of Amazon

The Sanderson Sisters deserve a spot on your couch — add to your Squishmallow collection with these Hocus Pocus pillow pals. Look at her little teeth!

Buy: Buy Now: $100 $107.72

Hocus Pocus Oversized Supersoft Printed Plush Throw
Courtesy of Kohl’s

Stay warm under this ultra-soft blanket, designed in a royal purple and printed with memorabilia from the film such as the Sanderson Sisters’ broomstick and the immortal black cat Thackery Binx.

Buy Now: $18.69 Buy It

Hocus Pocus Funko Pops
Courtesy of Funko

The Sanderson Sisters get the Funko Pop treatment with this three-figure lineup of miniaturized figures, each donning the bewitching outfits seen in the film (including Mary’s purple and black hair, twisted into the shape of a witch’s hat).

Buy Now: $40 Buy It

Hocus Pocus and the All-New Sequel Book
Courtesy of Disney

This “New York Times” bestseller marks a new era of “Hocus Pocus” ahead of the highly anticipated reboot. The two-part YA novel is set 25 years after the events of the original film, following Max Dennison’s 17 year-old daughter Poppy who has her own encounter with the Sanderson sisters.

Buy Now: $12.99 Buy It

Hocus Pocus the Game
Courtesy of Disney

This simple game, inspired by the original 1993 film, has two to six players work together to protect Salem’s children and stop the sibling witches from completing their wicked potion. Play potion ingredients from your hand to match the ingredients in the cauldron and ruin the potion three times before the sun rises to win.

Buy Now: $24.99 Buy It

Witches Brew Halloween Cocktail Mix
Courtesy of Williams Sonoma

Get buzzed off this witchy cocktail mix, made of a fruity blend of blackberry juice, blood orange juice and lemon juice, and spiked with notes of ginger and subtle agave.

Disney’s Hocus Pocus Spellbinding Bundle
Courtesy of Lovepop

A personalized gift for the “Hocus Pocus” fan in your life. This custom bundle includes a pop-up flower bouquet and a pop-up card that opens up to reveal miniaturized cardboard versions of the Sanderson Sisters standing around a cauldron.

Disney's Hocus Pocus Spellbinding Bundle $38 Buy It

It’s Just a Bunch of Hocus Pocus T-Shirt (25% Off)
Courtesy of Etsy

For less than $2, you can purchase these custom SVG and PNG files to overlay the lettering design on anything from t-shirts to tote bags.

Hocus Pocus Tumbler Design
Courtesy of Etsy

Nurse your drink in style with these bestselling “Hocus Pocus” tumbler designs that are made to look like the ubiquitous White Claw cans but are really packed with the witch sisters’ secret potions.

Hocus Pocus Tumbler Design $4.50 Buy It

Light-Up LED Mantel Scarf
Courtesy of Spencers Online

Spook your house out for Halloween with this light-up LED mantel scarf, designed with minimalistic images from the film.

Light-Up LED Mantel Scarf $16.99 Buy It

Hocus Pocus Book of Spells Leather Notebook (50% Off)
Courtesy of Etsy

This bestselling leatherbound notebook from Etsy boasts close to 2,000 reviews, all of which rave about the luxe material and high quality. Designed after the Book of Shadows in “Hocus Pocus,” it features spooky, winding design and an antique-style lock, packed with around 200 pages of thick deckle edge paper.

Hocus Pocus Book of Spells Leather Notebook $51.08 $25.99 Buy It

Black Sheep Finds Hocus Pocus Syrah 2021
Courtesy of

No Halloween party is complete without a Hocus Pocus Syrah. Aged for 11 months in neutral French oak barrels, this 2021 vino is a beautifully textured blend of cooler climate vineyards sourced entirely from Sta. Rita Hills.

Black Sheep Finds Hocus Pocus Syrah 2021 $26.99 Buy It

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