Cameron Payne Says His ‘Heart Sank’ After Hearing Rumors Of Suns Trading For Kevin Durant: "Thank The Lord It Didn't Happen"

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Angela Toussaint

what is wrong with these young player?? Nobody taught them to shut the hell up!! Players like Durant, Curry, James can help your career just by saying I want...but they are petty and they do not forget. Durant is probably the most petty of the three. A championship whether you only played just 5 mins or not makes your stock go up. Learn from the greats and like Wiggins...Poole find your place.

Rajeshwar Prasad

This article is saying if KD came than Payne could be traded to the Nets. What rings are you talking about? Payne and the Suns are just building up to be a great team and see how quickly these trades can break them up.


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