Roxbury Man accused of shooting at officer says he was the victim

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Boston - The man who Boston police say shot at them told a judge he was the one being shot at. The police report says investigators did track down a gun. They also did a gunshot residue test on the suspect’s hands but it may have been too late.

Alberto Polanco is charged with shooting out the back window of an unmarked Boston police car while a plain clothes officer was inside.

”Pow, pow. Like that,” a witness described.

People who live there were thankful their children were not outside.

“Sometimes the kids are right here,” the witness said.

The city’s shot spotter picked up the gunfire just after 6 pm Sunday night. The officer was not hit and was able to radio in a description of the shooter. Prosecutors say a short time later they were able to identify the shooter as 20 year-old Alberto Polanco and located him at his home about a half a mile away. In the police report, investigators say they tested Polanco for gunshot residue but believe he took a shower.

“He was wet and appeared to have showered,” the prosecutor said.

According to the district attorney’s office, police seized a Glock .22-cal pistol and ammunition from the apartment.

“This could have easily ended up being a far more tragic situation, with the officer or bystanders hit by bullets so carelessly and dangerously fired on an early Sunday evening. Luckily that didn’t happen, but this is another reminder of how our neighborhoods are threatened by illegal guns and the people who use them,” DA Kevin Hayden said in a statement.

Polanco’s attorney told us off camera his client never met this officer and that Polanco thought someone was shooting at him. “There are certain issues with this case, my client, if you read the police report, says that he was the victim, that he was being shot at,” the defense attorney said.

Several people were in court for Polanco but would not comment about the case after. Over at Polanco’s apartment in Roxbury, police were still waiting for a warrant to search the apartment where the arrest was made. According to the police report a black Glock handgun was seized at some point during the investigation.

Polanco’s attorney has asked for the surveillance video and the gunfire residue tests. The suspect is being held without bail until the case returns to court on Thursday.

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Aaron Hess

here we go now he is the victim lol. Shooting in a residential area most likely with a unregistered or stolen fire arm


The criminals are always the victim and the progressives support them all🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

Frank Mangino

still doesn't have the right to b carrying a firearm in the first place!


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