Nets star PG Kyrie Irving: 'I gave up 4 years, 100-something million to be unvaccinated'

Brooklyn Nets guard Kyrie Irving Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

Along with men's tennis star Novak Djokovic, Kyrie Irving of the Brooklyn Nets has been one of the most notable and outspoken superstar athletes when it comes to the COVID-19 vaccine. Still unvaccinated, the seven-time All-Star missed a number of home games last season due to restrictions for unvaccinated people in New York City, though that changed in March.

New York City Mayor Eric Adams announced last week that he was scrapping private employer COVID-19 vaccine mandates as of Nov. 1. However, the coronavirus vaccination requirements for municipal employees are staying put for now, which prompted sharp criticism from Irving.

In a drama-filled offseason in Brooklyn, there was not only a trade request (and rescinding) from Kevin Durant, but a near move of "Uncle Drew" as well. Ultimately, both star players are running it back with the organization, but neither was given a contract extension this summer.

Irving is playing on a $37 million option, after his vaccination status got in the way of a possible long-term deal.

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I am pissed off

nobody who actually works for a living wants to here this 💩. you gave up a 100 million while most of us are still have plenty of 🤑💰

Jesse McGhee

And still alive. Probably never got sick either. Good job brotha


great to have those options and still be well off , I salute you for standing your ground against medical tyranny and from what I'm hearing there's going to be allot of angry people when the cover ups of what this stuff is doing to peoples health start coming to light


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