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Brenda Dixon

Where are all the liberals who got their feelings hurt when Trump said this? How many more times does he have to be proven right about the dangers to this country? I live on the border and he was right then and Biden is wrong now!

Texas Roads

He Mayorkas isn't securing the border. As a worker at a fast food by San Pedro I've seen it with my own eyes. I had one throw money and demanding I give him a lot of food. I've seen first hand and some individuals you know are criminals within the group. Engaging with them I ask where you going 90% say New York and Washington. The other say Georgia, Miami, Utah and Texas. Most have no sponsors. Catholic Charities and Catholic churches aren't housing them. Lulac has no placement for them. You blame Facebook they are advertising all over facebook. There leader is Facebook.

Jerald Thomas

pretty soon America are going to have to start taking the law their own hands on hands to put it into this problem. Biden needs to be locked into a mental institution. he will go now down inhistory as United States worst president ever.


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