LOOK: Baby Deer Twisted in Fence Rescued by Firefighters

Early Wednesday morning, firefighters in Leander, Texas, received an unexpected call. The emergency involved neither fire nor a severe car accident – it was, however, a life-threatening situation. Residents of the Travisso community had awoken to find a baby deer trapped in their fence.

Somehow, the fawn had wedged itself in the bars of the fence not once but twice, its head facing the same direction as its tail and all four legs trapped among the metal. To avoid injuring or distressing the baby deer further, firefighters opted to use spreaders to widen the gaps between the bars rather than attempting to push or pull the fawn back the way it came.

The moment the frightened fawn had enough room to escape, he ran away from the house and firefighters, hopefully reuniting with his mother in the forest. The firefighters then shared the experience on Facebook, drawing a great deal of admiration from their local community.

“Engine 5, A shift with LT. Shapiro, DPO Tidwell and Firefighter Sanchez were dispatched to the Travisso neighborhood for a baby deer in distress due to being stuck in a fence,” the LFD wrote. “The E5 Crew used the spreaders to free the Deer. The Deer ran off with no injuries.”

“Thank you Leander Fire Department, you guys rock,” one user wrote in reply. “That’s great! Thanks for helping this baby!” another said. “You guys are the best,” added a third.

The City of Leander even responded to the firefighters’ valiant efforts, sharing the post and adding, “Leander Fire Department to the rescue again!”

Orphaned Baby Deer Becomes Best Friends With Raccoon

Baby deer are given plenty of space by their mothers, even as newborns. Typically, mother deer only return to their young for feeding and if the baby calls to them.

While this may seem cruel, it’s actually an act of protection. By separating herself from her fawns, the mother deer decreases the chances of unintentionally leading a predator to her babies.

Though effective, this means of protection does sometimes result in an orphaned fawn. Sadly, this recently happened to a 3-week-old baby deer in Texas. Fortunately, however, the fawn found a new home with Texas Fawn and Friends, who “rescue and rehab orphaned and injured fawns” in the area.

Once there, the fawn, affectionately named Hope, met a new and unusual friend. It was friendship at first sight for Jasper the raccoon, who refused to allow the orphaned deer to feel alone.

Jasper was an orphan himself, rescued by Fawn and Friends. And though he’s now an adult and free to roam as he pleases, he continues to call the animal rescue organization his home.

“Jasper just loves her,” explained wildlife rehabilitation specialist Carrie Long explained to The Dodo. “When he sees her, he runs to lick and love on her. It’s just the cutest thing.”

“He sees her every day,” she continued. “In the evening, she comes and lays next to him. They’ve got a cool relationship going on.”

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