Richard Jefferson strongly suggests Ime Udoka’s relationship with Celtics staff member was anything but consensual

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J.R. Walden

Bruh if you're gonna break the company dating policy in Boston 🍀.... might be a good idea to make sure it's a Shauntay and not a Becky

Greg Murphy

In most jobs if someone in a leadership role such as him was having a sexual affair with a lower level empmoyee then they would be terminated after investigation proves it. Fire him now and if it was consensual then she also needs to be terminated. Watch out Celtics because she will now say that it wasnt consensual and that she was afraid to lose her job if she didnt participate in his sexual misconduct and that he took advantage of her. " Lawsuit" and millions of dollars will be issued to her.


WISDOM: To heck with HOLLYWOOD MOVIES…..NEVER date in the work center regardless and of the position of the workers. Even if the people are peers things can go wrong and later the work center may learn your personal business via regular human GOSSIP. THEREFORE, just go to work and perform admirably, and go home and have some LEGAL FUN. HOMEBOY should have known this truth, which is why POLICY was already established and policy normally comes with training on how to follow policy.


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